Canara Bank customers suffer as virus attack on bank’s clearance server

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 31 Dec 2017 11:47:06

Business Reporter,


Dec 30,

Customers of Canara Bank in Raipur, have been facing harrowing experience for past 5 days. For the reasons, all the cheques deposited with the bank for clearing, have not got cleared owing to a technical problem. The fallout is leading to frustration and annoyance among the customers even as the Canara bank officials cited ‘virus attack’ on their main clearance server based in Bhopal as the sole reason behind all the fuss.

However, the unwarranted delay by Canara bank at almost all its branches in Raipur, have afflicted business to the tune of several lakhs since the cheques have piled up due to non clearance. Bank officials asserted that the uncalled delays in clearance of cheques with the bank are merely due to preventive steps taken to counter the virus attack and safeguard the hard-earned money of the customers. On the other hand, no other banking or financial institutions in Raipur, including SBI are facing such issues with their servers. But several complaints regarding the prolonged delays in the clearance of cheques deposited with the Canara Bank branches continue to pour.

When contacted Canara Bank Chief Manager K K Rai stated
“it was a virus attack which caused the Bhopal-based server to go offline.” However, the server is back online after the software update from December 29, Friday, he added. On the other, SBI Deputy General Manager (Business & Administration) Regional Office Raipur Vrahm Singh denied having any such problem with the SBI. He told that SBI branches were all functioning very well and there was no trouble with cheque scanning or clearance.