Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Dec 2017 12:07:48


Poonam Menaria,

Q1: I am a Commerce student and I scored 85% in my 12th examination. And currently I am appearing for BBA 1st year exam. But I am totally confused of what I should be doing along with BBA. As I really want to work hard and do something challenging. So please advise me regarding this. --Rini

Dear Rini, I like and appreciate your approach of utilising your time in a constructive way and giving a thought in direction of doing something meaningful with your skill set and time which I am sensing through your query and additionally you have good percentage in your academics too. Well, firstly it depends on your area of interest, your skill strengths, aptitude and your readiness to explore the areas that may compliment your future aim, aspiration and long / short term goals.

If your plan to earn an MBA degree after your BBA then may be doing some internship/training will really benefit to understand various functions/domain of any industry/firm whether small/medium/large. This will help you understand yourself better and give you practical exposure to various aspects of real life experiential industry training/learning.

Other approach can be adding value/credentials to your resume by enhancing your skills by learning something new in area of your interest or complimentary to your future goal Viz. some computer course, foreign language courses, designing courses, soft skills/Individual enhancement training/ workshop etc which is chosen keeping in mind where you plan to be in the next five years in terms of career.

Gauge everything well for yourself keeping all aspects in mind right from your study/academic dedication, learning likes/dislikes, your parents readiness for your constructive utilization of time/resources with their input on how to go about it, your aptitude, balancing study and skill enhancement and above all, it should be value addition to what you want to do now and in alignment with your future prospects and career. Hope it helps. Best Wishes.

Q2: Hello ma'am, I am currently in class 11 (CBSE). I like human behavior, but I am confused whether I should be a psychologist or psychiatrist. What are the qualifications for these two fields? How should I proceed further? Which entrance exams should I give? Which one of these two has more scope in today's world?

Hello, Psychology is the study of human mind and human behavior and help people deal with mental and emotional health. Psychiatry is a specialization within medicine in which you get trained to study, diagnose and treat mental disorders at organic level. PCB at 12th is the choice to crack the entrance exams like AIPMT/State PMT for an undergraduate degree in medicine (MBBS) followed by specialization in Psychiatry. Biology and chemistry are the key subjects if you wish to pursue medicine. You could also graduate in psychology and then specialise in counselling or clinical psychology etc.

You will need excellent communication skills, empathy and great listening skills. For being a Psychologist, after class XII (any subject/ preferably humanities), you need to pursue graduation in psychology. Options are a BA (Hons)/ BA /B.Sc. with Psychology as one of the subjects. Specialisations in the subject can be pursued at the postgraduate level. Careers in the field of psychology include various specializations Viz. Clinical Psychology, Counselling Psychology, Educational Psychology, Child Psychology, Human Resource and Organisation Development, among others.

Depending on your interests you may choose to specialise in Clinical, Industrial, Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Neuro Psychology, Organization Behaviour, Personal Counselling, Child Psychology, Educational Psychology and Psychometrics, and Forensic Psychology etc. These specializations are typically offered in MA / M.Sc. courses, for which the eligibility in most cases is a Bachelors in Psychology. Most universities in the different cities offer courses in Psychology at the Bachelors and Masters levels and few of the leading Institute being TISS, NIMHANS, University of Delhi, Christ College, Bangalore and many others. Each route has its own scope and rewards; choice is entirely personal based on your interest, abilities, aptitude and readiness for sincere efforts. Best wishes.