First colour fishery production centre in Khargone

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Dec 2017 11:18:56


Staff Reporter,

A fish aquarium is the first choice for most housewives to decorate the house. Not many people are aware that the seeds of colourful fishes for fish aquarium are also produced in farms.

A production centre of about 30 varieties of colourful species of fishes was started by Sarfaraz Khan in the year 2009 at Premnagar in Khargone with the support of the Fisheries Department. Sarfaraz Khan’s struggle to fulfill his passion for fish farming is equally interesting. He used to go to Khargone’s Ondal river straight from school after school hours to feed fishes. The first step towards fulfilling his dream of a colourful fish farm began with Sarfaraz Khan purchasing 7 fish pots worth Rs 550 and selling it on a handcart on the footpath in the city due to financial crisis.

In 2009, a loan of Rs 8 lakh and Rs 90 thousand grant was approved by the Fish Farmers Development Agency of the Fisheries Department to Sarfaraz Khan. With this, he started a seed production centre of colourful fishes. He purchased one-acre land in Premnagar village near Khargone city and prepared a farm. He got a well dug and made arrangement of a tubewell pump. Later, he was sent for training to Central Freshwater Aquaculture Institute in Bhubaneswar, Marine Product Export Development Authority in Kochi and New Delhi.

Sarfaraz Khan has now started the first emerging coloured fish seed production centre of the state. There are only two coloured fish seed production centres in the whole of Madhya Pradesh. And the owner of one of these centres is Sarfaraz Khan, which is first in State. Sarfaraz is associated with 7 franchisees of the State and owns a beautiful fish house in Khargone. Now he is the proud owner of a coloured fish seed production centre among two such centres in State.

Sarfaraz has several varieties of fishes, including Goldfish, Angel, Cichlid, Mauli, Gapti and Corp, Common Carp and Platy species. Each species of these fishes has 100 varieties of fishes. He is happy about the fact that at one time, he would feed Mauli and Gapti fishes in Ondal river. Today, he feeds over a dozen colourful fishes and Bangkok Carp, Bruegel and Angel fishes. The fishes of his farm are now the attraction of the Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata market. Now Sarfaraz earns Rs 40,000 to Rs 50,000 on a monthly basis besides providing employment to at least five persons.