Switch to progressive attitude

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Dec 2017 12:03:26


We have often heard about positive and negative attitude. Positive attitude encourages you to see opportunity in every problem and negative attitude keeps you looking for problems in every opportunity. Allow us to toss a new term i.e. progressive attitude. We have problems and opportunities in every phase of life. However when we have our predefined goals, we will often move towards these goals by overcoming contemporary problems. Success, in this case, is not absence of problem. Success is all about overcoming the problems. We have to have the mindset of moving towards goals by defeating problems. We must not indulge too much in those areas which are not important to us like interpersonal issues and issues created by our ego. Remember, those who want to win Everest; do not carry garbage with them. Hence progressive attitude is all about single minded focus on predefined goals.

Article in a reputed magazine stated that only 7% Engineering graduates and Management graduates are employable. It means 93% of the graduates are unemployable. Look at another report. As per UN Human Development Report 2016, India is ranked 131 out of 188 countries in a worldwide list of Human Development Index. These figures are thought provoking for all of us as a society, parent, teacher and educational institute which are imparting higher and technical education. Employability often depends upon three primary factors i.e. knowledge, skill and attitude. In this article, we will discuss about attitude because it carries maximum weightage. Looking around, we find that most of the students have “Chalta Hai Attitude” towards everything.

Yes…. towards everything. Their goals are not clear, path is gloomy and top of it we find ‘careless attitude’ among our students. We are suffering with the evil of such attitude i.e. high level of un-employability. Employability problem will lead towards social and national unrest. This is high time to train the graduates on progressive attitude where they focus on predefined goals in the areas of knowledge and skills and will achieve the same despite all odds.

Why should educational institution seriously look into this matter? The national level accreditation body in higher and technical education has clearly stated that only those institutes which have got more than 50-60% placements/entrepreneurs can apply for accreditation. Now accreditation has been linked with scholarship of the students. It is understood that from the year 2019-20, students of only those institute will get government scholarship which are accredited. Institutions can meet these challenges by inculcating progressive attitude among students.

Progressive attitude can keep the students on right track of their career. With progressive attitude, student will know where is he heading and how to deal with the problems whenever they arise. Once our students will focus on predefined goals with progressive attitude, we will be in better position to face the problem of un-employability.

Progressive attitude can be developed in students by training programs, classroom teaching, seminars and workshops. The formula of connect-convey-convince will work. We need to connect with our students at first in such a way that he should be open enough to approach us, talk with us and take advice from us. Then, we have to convey them the concept and importance of progressive attitude. We have to convey them the way with which progressive attitude can be developed. And the last stage would be to convince them to follow the path of progressive attitude. The everlasting efforts will be required to convince our students till they agree to single mindedly follow the predefined goals.

The problem is not that students can’t learn, the problem is we have not trained them to learn. A serious effort is required in order to get the students on track of learning specifically the progressive attitude. The result of progressive attitude inculcation will bring employability among students. It will be beneficial for the students, their family, society and educational institutions too. Last but not the least; it will also help our motherland India in facing the tough competition at global level.