Raipur Collector plays pivotal role in calling-off Shikshakarmis’ strike

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Dec 2017 11:01:20


Staff Reporter,


Shikshakarmis called off their strike abruptly at midnight on Monday and without making any delay the state government came forward to constitute a committee headed by the Chief Secretary of Chhattisgarh, on Tuesday, to take care of the demands of shikshakarmis. But still people are pondering as to who made/convinced these striking shikshakarmis, who had announced a decisive battle against the State Government, to end the strike.

Sources in the administrative machinery are giving credit to Raipur District Collector O P Choudhary apart from tough stand of State Government. Sources said that the District Collector made the shikshakarmis aware about the consequences of law and order situation that was deteriorating with every passing day which could have brought harmful results for them.

The District Collector also tried to convince Shikshakarmis to be positive in their approach, so that the government softens its stand on their demands. Good faith will bring good results for you, O P Choudhary is reported to have told the shikshakarmis. There was consistent and untiring effort put in by the district collector along with SP Dr. Sanjeev Shukla resulting which the shikshakarmis finally decided to call it a day and return to work.

The result of positive approach by the shikshakarmis was visible on Tuesday after state government turned proactive on their demands and formed a committee apart from releasing their leaders. Moreover, the state government has reportedly initiated measures to revert its decision of termination of shikshakarmis.

The shikshakarmis were on strike for fifteen days to press for their nine point demand and as the strike was prolonging it was getting murkier too with students, parents and other sections of the society turning against the teachers alleging that teachers were not serious about the future of the students. In some schools the students and their parents even staged protest and termed the agitation by the shikshakarmis,
There was growing resentment among the people towards the adamant approach of the shikshakarmis and with each passing day they were losing the support of the masses while gaining support from political parties who were trying to fish in murky water.

The intervention of the Raipur collector came after, the chief minister’s instructions that he should try to break the logjam and finally O P Choudhary succeeded in bringing the shikshakarmis to announce the withdrawal of the strike at midnight after Monday. Though there has been criticism but the good thing is that uncertainty about the academics and future of students has ended for the moment.