Water crisis in wards 13 and 14

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 07 Dec 2017 12:09:29


Staff Reporter,

Due to leakage of water pipeline near Arvind Vihar petrol pump this problem is arising and now we are geared up to give petition to concerned officers in Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) to rectify the issue. Uma Shankar Tiwari convenor of local Baghmugaliya Samiti from Baghmugaliya said that around 30-40 thousand residents are staying at ward number 13 and 14 who are suffering because of water crisis. It’s been three days but water supply has not been resumed. We are also geared up to give petition to BMC officials so that measures can be chalked to avert water crisis.

As of now the residents are calling private water tankers as even hand pumps are not in working condition in the nearby region.
It has to be noted that earlier also the Baghmugaliya extension colony is facing serious issues of water crisis problem. In last one week the residents over here are not getting regular supply of water due to improper functioning of water motor pump. Ahmedpur Narmada line’s old water pump motor hardly works which is making the problems of the residents more problematic.

The residents from Baghmugaliya Samiti said had faced this problem even during summer season.
Besides, residents also complaint about the bad road connectivity in the region which is making their life very tough. The potholes are also infringement of health rights of common people. Light rain shower worsen the situation as it is difficult to drive on such dilapidated roads, especially during rains. It gets difficult to judge the potholes and pits in night due to inundation of road by rainwater. Stary dog menace is also an issue which requires attention.

One of the local resident Karishma said that we are not getting regularly water supply because of which now we had to depend on mineral water bottle. Commuters are having a tough time while crossing the roads on their vehicles as they are clueless about the potholes that the incessant rainfall had created on the roads, which also poses a threat to life.

Residents also claimed that the roads in Bhopal are not in accordance with the criteria decided by Indian Road Congress (IRC) and people are facing various problems because of this.

The dismal condition of roads, poor water supply is a denial of exercising right to life with human dignity and we are geared up to approach to Human Rights Commission if proper water electricity is not supplied to the colony. Buying mineral water bottle and depending on private water tanks adds on the burden especially to students who are staying in colony.