Light showers drench city, haze reduces visibility

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Dec 2017 12:29:29


Staff Reporter,

Under the influence of cyclone Ockhi, rains drenched isolated parts of Madhya Pradesh even on Thursday as well. A brief spell of light showers drenched the State capital during morning hours, dissolving cold into the atmosphere. Bhopal also witnessed fog during early morning hours and remained under the cover of haze throughout the day.

As there is cloud factor across State, hence, minimum temperatures are above normal. Minimum temperature of State capital soared to 15.4 degrees Celsius, 4 degrees above normal. However, maximum temperature dipped to 22.1 degrees Celsius, 4 degrees below normal.

Owing to haze, visibility came down in Bhopal. Weather Department said in last 24 hours, rains were recorded in isolated parts of districts situated in Ujjain, Indore and Bhopal divisions and Gwalior and Chambal divisions. Gwalior, Sabalgarh and Morena received rainfall of 1 cm each. Rains also took place in Jabra, Badwani etc.

Weather Department said there was no major change in minimum temperatures in state. They remained significantly above normal level in districts of Bhopal and Chambal divisions. The minimum temperatures of Hoshangabad, Rewa, Gwalior divisions were also above normal level. The lowest minimum temperature of 10 degrees Celsius was recorded in Mandla.

Minimum temperature of Indore rose to 13.5 degrees Celsius, 2 degrees above normal level. Jabalpur’s minimum temperature was 14.2 degrees Celsius, 3 degrees above normal. Gwalior recorded minimum temperature at 12.9 degrees Celsius, 5 degrees above normal. The forecast says that rains are likely to occur in some parts of districts situated in Gwalior, Chambal, Indore, Ujjain, Bhopal, Hoshangabad divisions.

The remaining parts of State will witness dry weather conditions. Bhopal is going to witness cloudy weather and there is chance of light showers in some parts of city. Maximum temperature will be around degree Celsius and minimum temperature will be around 14 degrees Celsius. The duty officer of weather department said that night temperatures will come down once the sky becomes clear from cloud factor.