Posters, scribbling spoiling beauty of Veer Savarkar ROB

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Dec 2017 12:23:17


Staff Reporter,

Posters and scribbles are spoiling beauty of paintings at Veer Savarkar Railway Over Bridge (ROB). On one hand this spot has become favourite selfie point for the youngsters and they are seen taking pictures standing close to the paintings and on the other posters and illegal advertisements kiosks are spoiling beauty of the area. Mayank Awasthi, a college student who stays in Saket Nagar, said that the ROB itself is very beautiful and during evenings the sight of Bhopal from ROB is enchanting. People usually places posters or pamphlets during late night hours which is wrong and they should be penalised. The painting in the ROB should be completed and it takes immense creativity and man hours to complete the task by artist. Locals should also help to identify such people who are destroying the beauty of the area.

Standing on side of ROB and taking pictures is not a healthy trend. Especially for the commuters it causes a sort of distraction.

However special lights should be fitted so that beauty of the paintings can be enhanced further. Bhopal Municipal Corporation has undertaken drive to penalise people for placing posters and pamphlets, notices over the paintings in ROB and under bridges. From Rs 100 to Rs 500 is being penalised. Still some people don’t care and support such practices which can be stopped mainly by community participation. Richa Thakur, a resident of Shakti Nagar, says that daily she travels to the ROB for commuting and with public participation major change can be witnessed.

A small pit bins have been installed near pan kiosks in the corner and slowly people are seen spitting in the bind inside instead of making things dirty outside , Such changes are welcome .Voluntary groups should step in to for more awareness. Some commuters travel in opposite direction on ROB as a short cut they violate the rule of one way toad to get it connected to other side especially at night. Such practices are also seen by youngsters who do this to take selfie on road, this should be stopped as it can result in accidents at any point of time. The ROB connects Arera Colony and Habibganj with Hoshangabad road and witness good rush also during evening time.

Habibganj ROB has one branch extending from RRL tri-junction to Arera Colony near Ganesh Temple side of Habibganj Naka, crossing railway line, while the other connect RRL tri-junction and Bhopal fracture hospital. Another extension of ROB facilitates traffic towards All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).