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BY ANY standard, India’s Test cricket team is the best in the world. Not only has it beaten every other team but also has registered successive nine Test series wins to equal the world record. This is a tribute to the manner in which the Indian team has built itself in every department of the game. Led by the hard-driving and ambitious Virat Kohli, the players have formed a fantastic combination that leaves the opponents spell-bound. But whatever we see as the team’s success has not come about easily. A lot of hard work, a lot of focused action, a lot of planned conduct of all operations on and off the ground -- all these have gone into making the Indian team the world’s toughest combination. Of course, a lot of challenges still lay ahead and the Indians will have to face the formidable South Africans in their country soon. Despite that, those who understand cricket also realise the innate strengths the Indian team has built in itself. What has mattered most is that the team has been able to evolve a cultural pattern that helps it win gams. They might have lost a few matches, but have proved winners.


SPECIFIC efforts are to be made by the officers of the Regional Transport Office (RTO) in Maharashtra to request vehicle drivers to avoid honking needlessly. The effort is to reduce noise pollution particularly in urban centres where vehicular traffic is heavy and much confusion prevails. Needless honking in such situations only adds to the overall sense of discomfort of the people in general. Hence the RTO officers in Maharashtra are planning to launch a ‘Gandhigiri’ type campaign urging drivers to use horns only when utterly necessary. There is no doubt that such campaigns have their own utility in the long run. Even if such an appeal to the good sense of drivers works even up to 50%, much would be achieved by way of reducing noise pollution. It is a matter of culture, after all. Yet, constant appeal to good sense of road-users would also help reduce road-rage and that would reduce undesirable and dirty fights among people. In fact, such campaigns are very necessary in today’s atmosphere of noise pollution of an extreme nature.