major gain

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Dec 2017 12:31:37

THE elimination of as many as seven Naxalites, including five women cadres, by Maharashtra Police in the jungles of Gadchiroli is a major gain in the nation’s fight against Naxalism whose aim it is to wage a war against the constitutionally-established Indian State and dethrone the lawfully-established Government. No matter a few attacks and ambushes the Naxalites carried out in some places, the security forces have been doing a generally good job in restraining the terrorist activity to a reasonable extent. The successful Gadchiroli encounter has added much value to that ongoing fight. The killing of seven Naxals must have dealt a severe blow to the activity.

In the past thirty --plus years, Naxalite activity has increased in many States of the Indian Union. On any occasions, the Naxals struck hard to eliminate many security personnel or even political leaders, like they did in Jeerum Ghati in Chhattisgarh a few years ago. Despite many efforts by the Government to engage the Naxals in a dialogue so that they give up their violent and terrorist activity, nothing concrete could be achieved. Efforts to counter the Naxal violence with constructive work also did not yield desirable results.

That was so because the Naxals have evolved a propaganda machinery that often debunks whatever good the Government might do, and distorts realities in an attempt to malign the Government and its effort to introduce welfare schemes for the benefit of the least and the last man on the farthest human frontier.

So cantankerous has the Naxalite propaganda machine that it has refused to accept the genuine goods work the Government has tried to do to help reduce misery of human colonies in the far corners of the country. Much to the contrary, the Naxalite propagandists have derived a nasty pleasure in distorting whatever the Government has done.
It is this attitude of extreme obstinacy that has made armed action against Naxalites an utter national necessity.

The Gadchiroli action has to be viewed from that angle. The cops have done well to spot the Naxal party in early hours of night and then follow it in a planned manner and then corner it smartly with an attack to eliminate as many as seven cadres. Similar action is being undertaken all over the country wherever Naxals are operating. On many occasions, the security forces register good success, and also suffer some losses in the fight. This is a usual thing to happen. But what is more critically important is the consistency of the Police action.

In the past some time, after the security forces suffered some of the worst losses in the fight against Naxals, the Government has changed its approach to come up with some stupendous successes. The Gadchiroli encounter must be counted among such. The situation in the border areas between States of Maharashtra, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh now represents a good domination by the Government’s security forces.

The concerted action by Police forces of all the States has led to cornering of the Naxalite forces, making it nearly impossible for them to have free movement. This is no mean a success, given the earlier difficulties the security forces faced. The Gadchiroli encounter epitomises the success of the Government’s strategy.

Of course, the fight with Naxals is going to be a long-drawn one, given the tenacity of the ultra-Left terrorists who have waged a war against the Government with a purpose of overthrowing it. It may take a lot of effort and sacrifices by the Government forces. Yet, to keep fighting the Naxals bullet-for-bullet is the only and the best way to counter the menace successfully.