Braced for all Fridays

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 17 Feb 2017 15:45:13

She has tasted success with her films in the South movie industry as well as Bollywood but actress Taapsee Pannu says she is aware that the equation in the film business is dynamic and changes every Friday.

Taapsee made her acting debut with 2010 Telugu film Jhummandi Naadam and followed it up by featuring Tamil film Aadukalam which bagged six National Film Awards.
She stepped into Hindi films with Chashme Baddoor in 2013 and did a small role in Baby but it was last year’s Pink - her third Hindi project - that brought her acclaim.
“I have seen fair amount of ups and downs in South before all his happened to me,” Taapsee says about life post Pink.

“I know how it is when you’re made star overnight and what happens when your movie doesn’t work. I have seen both the sides so I am using that experience now. Trying to keep my head on my shoulders and handle success and failure equally,” the actress told PTI.
Taapsee is currently gearing up for Runningshaadi.Com”, whose producer Shoojit Sircar had recently called her an actress ‘unpolluted’ by stardom.

When quizzed about this, Taapsee says one of the reasons for that could be her attitude towards work.
“I have my own life, which is beyond films and I maintain that. Films are just one part of my life, acting cannot take up my entire life. My career is not part of my life, there are other things also. That is probably one reason which keeps me away from the whole jing-bang of stardom.”

It is difficult to stay detached while being in the centre of attention and Taapsee says she is aware it is a tricky territory.
“It is very difficult because everyday you have a set of people who will constantly make you realise that you are the centre of attention. But then I know, because perhaps I have seen it, that one bad Friday and the same set of people wouldn’t want to talk to you again.”
The 29-year-old actress is eagerly awaiting February 17, the day Runningshaadi.Com finally hits the screens after being put on hold for a while.

“I was disappointed,” Taapsee says about the period when the film was struggling to get a release.
“You put in so much of effort and when the film doesn’t see the light of the day, you do get bogged down. Because you want to plan your career ahead with the releases that you have. I had so much faith in the film and that was irritating me more. It was annoying at that point.”

Taapsee isn’t nervous about anything, with a year packed with films like Ghaazi Attack and Naam Shabana, as the actress says acting for her is a “bonus” and she is enjoying every bit of it.
“Acting happened to me coincidently. It was never in my plan, A, B or Z. That’s why it’s not like I am desperate to do movies or my aim in life is only his. I am taking everything as a bonus. I am enjoying this with all my heart.”

Taapsee Pannu also says that not being a traditionally trained in acting has actually worked in her favour as the audience likes her spontaneity on screen.
“I am not a trained actor, but I think that has become my strength. People like the fact that I am a spontaneous actor and that works in my favour,” Pannu said during a press conference recently.

Talking about her character Nimmi in the film, Pannu said it was effortless for her compared to the breakneck roles she played in her previous ventures as the girl in the film very much resonates with her own self.
“My previous films Baby and Pink were out of my comfort zone and I had to work really hard to prepare for them. This was much easier and fun as I got to portray myself on the screen. What more can an actor ask for,” she said.

The actress, who has done just three films in Bollywood so far, said the audience would get a chance to see her more often on the screen as five of her movies would release this year.

“People have often asked me why I do so less films but I told them I am constantly shooting for the last three years. I think they won’t be complaining about this anymore as I have five films coming up this year,” she said with a smile.
Both Runningshaadi.Com and The Ghazi Attack are set to release today.