Bentley Instt joins hands with Maha Metro

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 18 Feb 2017 10:39:54

Staff Reporter,

World acclaimed Bentley Institute joined hands with Maha Metro, executing the prestigious Metro Rail Project in city, to open BIM Advancement Academy here. The association heralds another new chapter in execution of public projects in country as for first time 5D BIM would be used and that too during execution of Metro Rail project in city.

Underlining the importance, Kaushik Chakravarty, Vice-President, Bentley, South Asia, said the partnership would ensure timely execution of Metro Rail Project here and in Pune. The advantage for people is that Bentley presence is going to ensure adherence to time limit for the project which in turn would ensure savings on cost front and access to latest technology during the construction process.

While world over BIM is widely used in India, Metro Rail project in city is first to gauge its importance. With joining of hands, Bentley Institute is going to open its office in city, at Maha Metro, to work closely during the construction of Metro Rail corridors, East-West and North-South, he stated while interacting with newsperson here in city on Friday.

As to advantages of Bentley Academy in operation and technology in country, Chakravarty said since Government has taken a policy decision to have Metro Rails in various other cities, Nagpur would be a benchmark as it has taken lead in processing the technology.

He further said that Bentley’s presence means opening for technologists to offer their services in major sectors. We are just consultants and ultimately local companies will have to execute the process. Also in general the expertise is going to benefit the technical institutes in city and region in particular.David Robertson, Director, BIM, said the process is going to alter the way projects are executed in the country in future and Nagpur Metro is going to be a benchmark for them.