Hoping to leave a mark

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 27 Feb 2017 14:48:47

Gaurav Khanna who was last seen &TV’s show Tere Bin has been roped into seen essaying the role of Virendra Singh, the lead protagonist in Life OK’s upcoming big project Prem Ya Paheli: Chandrakanta which is produced by Nikhil Sinha.

What made you agree to do this show and role?
I believe the USP of the show is that it is produced and directed by Nikhil Sinha and that was reason enough for me to take up this role. Nikhil’s body of work is known in the industry and for me this is the second stint. I like how each character is essayed to perfection. In my role as Virendra Singh, a lot of emphasis is laid upon the physical and emotional aspect of the character, body-language, costume, gait and even how to react on situations. He makes sure his actors immerse into the characters and live it till he says ‘cut’. For me this is exciting as the genre is new to me, though challenging and a good break from what I have been doing thus far.

Tell us about your role and its USP?
The USP of my role Virendra Singh in the show Prem Ya Paheli: Chandrakanta is that, he is a man of few words and more action. The character is very action-oriented. Virendra Singh is a warrior, a barbarian and is ruthless in his ways of life. So the whole idea of accepting this role was to just challenge myself on all the limitations and see how well I am able to portray such diverse emotions. I believe it’s a roller coaster of emotions for Virendra Singh in the show.

It’s the first time for you in this genre, are your apprehensive?
I am known for doing romantic roles in my shows and this is the first time that people will see me doing a costume drama, something so drastically opposite. Initially when Nikhil offered me this role, I was taken by surprise but later looking at Nikhil’s conviction and confidence in me, I took up this role. I was a little sceptical earlier, but now as the days are passing and as the shoot is is ona whole new confidence level is buling building up, so I’m more confident now up. I had 15 – 20 days to transform myself from a happy go lucky guy to a barbarian.

How did you have to prepare for your role?
As the role is very challenging, lot of preparations are on. Though I work out regularly and fitness is key for me, the role of Virendra Singh demands a different regime and another level of aggresion. I have always had an athletic physique but the makers wanted a more stout body for the character and right now I am working towards achieving that. Apart from that, the emotional quotient of the character is also very different. I am known to be a funny guy on the set, a prankster and not so serious but this character is in itself very different. So I told my wife not to be amazed if she sees a side of me she has never before because I need to get into the skin of the character while shooting and off it because that’s the best way to rehearse and live the character.
Prem ya Paheli: Chandrakanta is in the zone of those eternal love stories ... There will be lot of expectations

when it comes to your chemistry with Kritika. Tell us about the bond you’ll share off-screen?
With so many years of experience in TV, I have learnt that it is easy to do romance on-screen when you are friends with your co-stars. The comfort level between the actors helps to enact particular scenes and reflect chemistry. I am very lucky that I have been able to do that in the past with my co-actors. I think Kritika is an amazing actor and a happy go lucky girl. I think we bond pretty well on that front. If she is a die-hard Punjabi, so am I. if she is a foodie, I am that as well. So there are a lot of similarities. We share a good bond off-screen and I am pretty sure that people are going to love our chemistry onscreen.
Tune into Prem Ya Paheli: Chandrakanta on Life OK to know more.