‘Digital India to impact every part of business’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Mar 2017 11:00:44

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IIM Raipur will work hand in glove with State Govt, says Professor Bhaskar

Research on local issues will be given priority

Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Raipur Director Professor (Dr) Bharat Bhaskar on Thursday said establishing Specialised Centre of Excellence on IIM’s Naya Raipur campus to encourage research on local issues and working hand-in-glove with the state government are on his priority. “Today, an institute – be it IIM or others – need the support of state government to survive. We will try to reach out to them (state government) or they can reach out to us. We can contribute to the Distribution, Agriculture and Warehousing sectors of the state from management point of view,” said Dr Bhaskar while talking exclusively to The Hitavada on Thursday. Dr Bhaskar has taken over as the new Director of IIM Raipur on Wednesday.

“Shifting of IIM to its new and permanent campus in Naya Raipur is our utmost priority now as the institute can actually flourish and take the shape of an excellent institute in its new campus only. We cannot do much in the limited infrastructure,” said Dr Bhaskar while referring to the existing campus at Sejbahar. To a query, he said that he would like to see IIM Raipur in the top eight premier government-run B-schools of the nation in next 4-5 years.

“I already had a meeting with the faculty on this issue in which I expressed my desire to see this institute with A+ band which will be the biggest achievement. We can match the standard of other IIMs only when we are in the top 8,” said Dr Bhaskar.

Speaking about Digital India, Dr Bhaskar said Digital India is a major initiative, going to impact every part of business such as finance, marketing and even operation and supply chain management as it brings transparency and efficiency and create new business opportunity, he said. Further, he said that e-commerce can itself be benefited as it has equal footings across all cities. Tier II cities like Raipur can be a land of opportunity for e-commerce where cost of living is cheaper. “We will see what role IIM Raipur can play to explore this sector in Raipur,” he said.
IIM Raipur will work with local industries and state government and try to identify their problems. IIM will also learn best practices of industries and prepare management plan accordingly in a new way to disseminate it to needy.

Demonetisation is always good for any country, but there a limit to it, he said. “Digital economy is always going to be more efficient and transparent, but at the same time we being a mix population from the educational perspective, have been a cash based economy for time immemorial. Circulation of upto 8-10 per cent of national economy in cash has good aspects, but below that will create cash crunch,” he said.

USA President Donald Trump’s decision on American first is not healthy for his nation. In short term Trump’s decision is not bad, he said. From global economy perspective, barrier should be finished. “We export quality manpower while software, military equipment etc. are the export sector of USA. “USA do not have excellent manpower like India and finally it has to depend on us. USA will be forced to shift its software and other such sector to India in search of quality manpower at cheaper cost. Indirectly or directly, it will generate more employment,” he said.