Big win for BJP in UP, U’khand, Goa, Manipur; Cong may return in Punjab, predict exit polls

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Mar 2017 08:55:24


Mar 9,



Uttar Pradesh (403 seats)

CNN-IBN: BJP 185, SP+Cong 120,  BSP 90, Others 9

India Today-Axis My India: BJP 185,  SP+Cong 120, BSP 90, Others 9

ABP News: BJP 164-176, SP+Cong 156-169, BSP 60-72, Others 2-6

India TV-CVoter: BJP 155-167, SP-Cong135-147, BSP 81-93  

NewsX-MRC: BJP+185, SP-Cong120, BSP 90, Others – 8

TimesNow-VMR: BJP 190-210, SP-Cong 110-130, BSP 57-74

Today’s Chanakya: BJP 285, SP-Cong 88, BSP 27 Others 2


Uttarakhand (70 seats)

NewsX-MRC: BJP 38, Cong 30, Others 2

Aaj Tak-Axis My India: BJP 46-53, Cong 12-21, Others 1-2            

India TV-CVoter: BJP 29-35, Cong 29-35

News 24-Chanakya: BJP 53, Cong 15, Others 2

India Today-AMI: BJP 46-53, Cong 12-21, BSP 1-4, Others 1-2

Today’s Chanakya: BJP 53, Cong 15


Punjab (117 seats)


News 24-Chanakya: SAD+ 9, Cong 54, AAP 54, Others 0


India TV-CVoter: AAP 59-67, SAD+ 5-13, Cong 41-49, Others 0-3


Aaj Tak-Cicero: AAP: 42-51, SAD+ 4-7, Cong 62-71, Others: 0-2

India Today-Axis My India: AAP 42-51, Cong 62-71, SAD+ 4-7


Today’s Chanakya: AAP 54, Cong 54, SAD+ 9, Others 2


Manipur (60 seats)


India Today-Axis My India:

BJP 16-22, Cong 30-36, NPF 3-5, Others 3-6

India TV-CVoter: BJP 25-31, Cong 17-23, Others 9-15

UTTAR Pradesh is likely to see a BJP Government as most of the exit polls projected it as the single largest party in the State.
The BJP is also likely to retain Goa, secure victory in Uttarakhand and Manipur. However, in Punjab, Congress is expected to return to power.

According to the CNN IBN exit poll results released on Thursday, BJP has secured a clear lead in Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections with 185 seats, but falling short of majority needed to form the government in the state. According to the poll, the Samajwadi Party-Congress alliance has secured 120, while the Bahujan Samaj Party has got around 90 seats. Other parties have secured 9 seats.

Three polls show a hung Assembly - where no party has a clear majority. The half-way mark is 202. The BJP is the single-largest party. India News shows the BJP is ahead with 185 seats, SP-Congress gets 120. Separately, Times Now shows the BJP at 190 to 210 and the SP-Congress at 110-130. News channel ABP says the BJP lands 164-176 seats, while the SP-Congress Alliance is in the same range with about 156-169 seats. And India TV shows the BJP getting 155-167 seats with 135 -147 for the Alliance.

The BJP was projected to win Uttarakhand Assembly polls by various exit polls with projections ranging from 35 to 53 seats for the party in the 70-member House.
The News 24-Today’s Chanakya poll gave the Bharatiya Janata Party 53 seats, the ruling Congress 15 and others two in the hill state. India Today-Axis poll predicted that BJP would get 46-53 seats, the Congress 12-21, and others 2-6 seats.

India News-MRC exit poll projected 38 seats for the BJP, 30 for the Congress, two for others.
India TV-Cvoter predicted that both the BJP and the Congress had a similar chance at forming the government in the state and projected 29-35 seats for both parties each. It projected two to nine seats for others.

The poll of polls done by CNN-News18 projected the BJP to be getting 38 seats, the Congress 26 and others six, and a similar exercise by NDTV projected the BJP getting 43 seats and the Congress 23 in the hill state. In the NDTV poll of polls, the BJP was projected to win 179 seats, the SP-Congress 136 and the BSP 77 seats in the country’s largest State.

In Punjab, the exit polls on NDTV predict a wipeout for the ruling Akali-BJP combine, which has been in power for 10 years.
But exit polls show divergent results for the Congress and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). Big win for BJP in UP...
In Manipur, it predicted a close fight between the ruling Congress and the BJP with the former getting 26 and the latter 24 in the 60-member assembly. Congress has been ruling the northeastern state for the last 15 years.
It forecast 55 seats for the Congress in Punjab, closely followed by the AAP with 54 seats. The incumbent Akali Dal-BJP alliance was predicted staring at a virtual decimation with only 7 seats in the 117-member assembly.

The average of two exit polls, India-Today Axis poll and India News-MRC poll, shows Congress winning 60 of the state’s 117 seats, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) scooping up 50 seats and the Akali-BJP winning six seats.
The India Today -Axis poll shows Congress ahead with 62-71 seats, and AAP at 42-51 seats. But India TV shows AAP winning with 59-67 seats with the Congress getting 41-49. India News shows Congress and AAP tied at 55 each. And similarly, News 24 has the Congress and AAP tied at 54 seats each.

In the Northeastern state of Manipur, Congress is likely to get another drubbing from BJP within a year after losing Assam polls.
According to C-Voter forecast, BJP is likely to dethrone the 15 year Congress Government led by Okram Ibobi Singh by winning 25-31 seats, while Congress to get 17-23 seats and others 9-15 seats. Notably, for PRJA led by Iron Lady Irom Sharmila, the C-Voter poll has predicted a duck. India Today-Axis has given ruling Congress 30-36 seats, BJP 16-22 seats and others 3-5.

In Goa, despite snapping ties with Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party, BJP is likely to retain power by winning 15-21 seats, while the Congress behind with 12-18 seats while AAP is expected to get 4 seats. According to India Today-Axis, BJP is likely to get 18-22 seats, Congress 9-13 and AAP 0-2 seats and other 4-9 seats. India News-MRC has predicted 15 seats to BJP, 10 to Congress, AAP likely to get 7 and other 8 seats.

Meanwhile, Today’s Chanakya exit polls have predicted a massive victory for BJP in Uttar Pradesh with 285 seats followed by SP-Congress 88 BSP 27 and Others 2 seats.
In Uttarakhand, Chanakya poll predicts BJP’s runaway win with 53 seats and Congress 15. In Punjab, Chanakya gave AAP 54 Congress 54, SAD-BJP 9 and Others 2.