Play ‘Kahi Khadu Che Tukde’ reflects damaging effect of politics, neglect on rural students

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Mar 2017 10:16:21

Staff Reporter,

Marathi play ‘Kahi Khadu Che Tukde’ provided a shocking view of what goes on in rural schools, which, in the name of education seem to backtrack in traditions and working, the orthodox belief and following of rituals the hardliners in the ‘Panchayat Raj’ system of working, families and their children being isolated from education. Goverment blockades, and political upheaval on issues and its bad effect.

Rajesh Shinde has projected issues which leaves the viewer seething with rage and frustration. The play as staged a the Gajanan Nagar open air stage.

The story reveals the efforts of Jadhav Bai (Renuka Saharkar) in running aschool in a cow shade, her constant effort in thinking about improving life in the village, her thrust on facts like people must be educated helps her in collecting a student and forming a group to run the school. Without Government aid, she is running the school being harassed by Education Department. Then one day the rumor spreads that the school is being shut down. Students stop coming. But even with one student, she along with help from Hanmya (Aditya Mankar) keeps the school running. His support to Jadhav bai inspite of parental objection helps Pintya (Sanket Deshpande) to go to school. This was 23rd one act play.

Deeplaxmi Bhatt has directed the play and actors Sanket Mahajan, Sanket Deshpande, Renuka Saharkar, Aishwearya Dorle, Mitali Waikule have performed splendidly.
Mikki Ranteke Mrunmaye Deshpande, Mukund Ankar, Yashshree Parkar, Ashish Dongre also have led support .
The sets depicting the school operating in a cow shade has been beautifully created by Mikky Ramteke and Sankalp Payal. Keyur Bhakre and Rakhi Vaidya have arranged the music.

Lights are done by Krushab Dhapodkar and Balya Larokar. Earlier, Chawre, Vijaya Bhakre, Sudhir Vaidya and Bhupesh Mehre lighted the lamp to inaugurate the show.