VIA felicitates 10 successful women entrepreneurs

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Mar 2017 09:55:31

Business Bureau,

TO ACKNOWLEDGE the yeomen contribution made by women entrepreneur towards economy, the Entrepreneur Forum of VIA chose 10 leading lady entrepreneurs of Nagpur for felicitation on the occasion of International Women’s Day. These ladies have made a significant mark nationally as well as internationally.

Shruti Sancheti (Pinnacle), Shyamla Sanyal (Bharat Barood Udyog), Abha Chowdhary (Abha Chowdhary label), Reema Sial (Celeberation Events), Nikita Mehsalkar (Nikita Mehsalkar label), Rina Sinha (NIIT), Sharmila Vali (RevAyur Cosmetics), Satnam Thoor (Kutz Salon), Vidhi Wadhwani (Vidhi Wadhwani label) and Rakhi Bhutani (Aura) were the 10 successful entrepreneurs of Nagpur who were presented with mementos for their exceptional achievements.

All the ladies were extremely vocal about the opportunities they could exploit in Nagpur and most of them admitted that it was after marriage and with extremely supportive family they could climb the staircase to success and make a name for themselves. While Shyamla Sanyal and Sharmila Vali mentioned the role of their employees who immensely contributed to their growth, Abha Chowdhary, Rakhi Bhutani and Reema Sial attributed their success to e-Commerce which helped them to explore new markets. Nikita Mehsalkar acknowledged the support of her mother-in-law and her team of very talented manpower which helped her to supply to 25 stores across the nation.

Rina Sinha a Chemical Engineer heading NIIT said that her success was in building dreams for the young generation through IT which was in a nascent stage in the early 90’s. Vidhi Wadhwani said that balancing work and life is the toughest challenge a women entrepreneur faces. Satnam Thoor not having much personal support was still able to suceed in business.

All the awardees said that the mantra to success was hard work, dedication, passion and the will to succeed. They advised the young generation to follow their dreams with a single minded devotion and not lose focus half way through.

Chairman of the Forum Akash Agrawal complimented the lady entrepreneurs. He said that it’s time more women came out of their cocoons and bloom into entrepreneurs. Atul Pande, President of VIA welcomed all the awardees. Chairperson of Marketing Forum of VIA Shilpa Agrawal shared the dais with the other dignitaries. The programme was moderated by Anita Rao, Convenor of the Entrepreneur Forum.