No increment for contractual health workers scoring less than 65 marks

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 15 Mar 2017 11:39:08

Staff Reporter,

STATE Government has continued appraisal of contractual health workers in hospitals and health centres. Those who are earning less than 65 marks will not be given yearly increment, they will get the same salary next year, but will not be sacked from the job as it was done earlier. Earlier, the contractual health workers earning less than 65 marks were sacked from the jobs. The Health Department has decided to improve skill-level of poorly performing contractual health workers by imparting them with the training again and again.

According to information, improving skill-level is must for every contractual health worker as per set parameters of National Health Mission (NHM), as 65 marks is mandatory to continue the job. About a month ago, there was an agreement with the association of contractual health workers, Health and Medical Education Employees’ Association with the Government discussed that no contractual worker would be sacked from job, whether they bring 65 marks or below. However, the contractual health workers had opposed Government’s appraisal process and demanded to scrap it. But the Government had brought a solution by continuing its appraisal process.

Contractual health workers are said to know who have earned number of marks during the appraisal process, and who will be listed for special training programmes of skill development.
Senior Health Officer in National Health Mission said, “The Government will bear expenses of training programme for the contractual health workers. However, it has not yet decided when the Government will plan training programmes for poorly performing contractual health workers. Training programme might be chalked out in May, when the appraisal report of the health workers will be out,” the officer said.

When contacted the Managing Director of National Health Mission V Kiran Gopal, said that “Appraisal of contractual health workers has continued. We will not add yearly increments to those contractual health workers earning less than 65 marks. We will improve the skills of such contractual health workers, and nobody will be sacked from the job,” he said.