Talent has no linguistic barrier

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 15 Mar 2017 11:46:47

By Aasawari Shenolikar

She stepped before the camera when she was a teenager. Eighteen year old Mansi Salvi wowed the audience with her freshness and raw appeal in Aashirwad on Zee TV. And from then on, there has been no looking back for this talented actor, who during her journey, when she flitted between different mediums, lost a lot of excess baggage, got married and then separated from husband Hemant Prabhu. She’s seen a lot of ups and downs, but the one constant factor in her life has been her love for acting. She kept dabbling in TV, and then did a few movies, and made sure that her presence never went unnoticed. That is the reason why she has, in her repertoire, diverse roles from diverse channels. This year, Mansi will be seen playing the character of Laxmi Agarwal in Ek Aastha Aisee Bhee on Star Plus.

While interacting with The Hitavada, Mansi says, “I do not between mediums, and I definitely do not differentiate between language. Talent, I feel, has no linguistic barrier. Marathi is my mother tongue and I immensely enjoy doing Marathi films and TV; Hindi is our national language and the added advantage is that we reach a far wider audience with Hindi films and serials. In the end, what matters is whether I am enjoying what I am doing. Only then will I be able to give my best to my work.”

She has been in the industry for close to twenty years and this post graduate in Business Management feels that TV has grown. “When I entered the world of Television, I was scared - I didn’t know much of acting, I didn’t know camera placements and for many even a breakthrough was not possible. But now TV is now like a huge corporate entity. There is enough work for people, actors are secure and it has become more professional. Not only has it grown, it has become a fashion statement.”

One change that she feels is very welcome is that many other avenues have opened up for actors. “YouTube, and other social media outlets are a boon to upcoming actors. And this is bringing in a lot of talent in the industry,” she says.

She is very candid in her expressing that an actor loves the glamour that comes with this profession. “Celeb is an amazing word. I love it.” Having said that she also expresses concern that things have become too easy for newcomers. “They haven’t seen struggle and so take things for granted.”
Mansi was a part of the weekly soap era. And now she’s an integral part of the daily soap routine, where sometimes the dialogues are handed to the actors on the sets. Doesn’t this hamper the creativity process? “A good actor will never compromise on his creative process; and the sign of a good actor is that he must be able to deliver under any circumstances.” Audience, she feels, have lost out on patience. “They don’t want to wait for the next week to catch up. They want to see how the story moves the very next day. This has, of course, put a lot of pressure and stress on the creative team. But TV has grown in this direction also and no longer is it confined to just the ‘Director, Producer, Actor and Cameraman.’ There are a lot of creative people at different levels who play diverse roles so that the audience can get to see their daily soap without a hitch.” The transition phase between the weekly and daily was difficult. Having said that she strongly believes that being flexible and adaptable to any profession is necessary for your own survival.
Commenting on Ek Aastha Aisee Bhee, Mansi is happy to play a woman who is strong and runs a business. “I am a financially independent woman and play a major role in running the family. I am a devout follower of the Devi, and I have to deal with a daughter -in-law Aastha who believes that serving God is serving humanity. Our ideologies clash and that gives rise to a lot of drama and humour - the two ingredients necessary for the survival of any daily soap. The tu-tu, main-main between a saas and her bahu is special,” she says with a twinkle in her eyes.
This serial is in line with Star Plus’ philosophy - Soch Nayi. And this serial is going to be one of the four serials that will be telecast Monday to Saturday at 1.30 pm. The channel found out that housewives do not want to see reruns, they wanted something new and so Star Dopahar is being revived from April. Star Plus, with Aastha, brings in a new perspective. And Mansi hopes that people will appreciate the new belief, the freshness and a different theme. n