Eye-catching paintings at Swaraj gallery

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 17 Mar 2017 12:08:04

Staff Reporter,

There were female artists, junior and senior who displayed their paintings in different styles under the three day programme “Ananda-3” at Swaraj art gallery, on Thursday. There were 28 artists who displayed their creation was really appreciating. It evinced they are doing well in the field of painting art. Most female artists focused on plight of women through new forms and attractive colour combination. Artists who came down their feelings and thoughts through drawing and colours on canvass included Alka Choudhary, Anagha Paul, Anupam Saxena, Archna Mukharjee, Archna Soni, Beenu Garg, Dolly Batra, Hemlata Gupta, Irtiqua Zaidi, Jayatri Saha, Jaysree Sarkar, Juhi Bajpai, Kajal Rai, Kamini Bhaghel, Kapila Sharma, Kavita Kulkarni, Mary Joshi, Monika Jain, Naina Gupta, Nitadeep Bajpai, Neeta Shrivastava, Nuzhat Gul, Pratiksha Bhawsar, Priti Agrawal, Priti Das, Rekha Bhatnagar, Saba Iftikhar, Sadhna Shukla, Surbhi Soni, Swati M Jain, Tejaswani Sharma and Vimmie Manoj.

All these female artists painted nature less than their creativity, their feelings in society, what they think about the society they live in clearly and pleasingly witnessed in their paintings. Painting exhibition was good to see as there were different styles, different objects and by and large the contemporary art scenario of the women world was there. At some paintings there was play of colours, some paintings show importance of forms , some showed natural beauty while some about the state of women in male dominated society by painting different poses of women, some women stressed upon the moods of women also.

It may be said one can easily see the condition of women in the society through these paintings.