Krishnapriya Tulsi with best choreography impresses audience

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 17 Mar 2017 12:12:38

Staff Reporter,

There was impressive performance by Pratibhalaya arts academy artists in a dance drama “ Krishnapriya Tulsi”, staged at Ravindra Bhawan, on Thursday. Composing and direction by Manju Hatwalne, well-known dancer delighted the audience. This was based upon the Bharatnatyam classical dance displayed the story of Dev Tulsi. It was a famous story. Vishnupriya Laxmi was born through a curse of a saint as Vrandha, daughter of Madhvi.

All the upcoming dancers under the direction of Manju Hatwalne, was the story that Vrandha was a great Sati and due to affect of her Sateestva nobody could kill demon Shankhchud. Deities were in fear of increasing fear of demon Shankhchud, everybody could not understand how to get rid of Shankhchud’s atrocities and his terror. At last Lord Vishu on behest of Lord Shiva took incarnation of Shankhchud and breached Sati Tulsi’s Satitva. At that time, Dev Tulsi cursed the God and merged into the sea. It gave a message that those who worship Tulsi, their every wish is fulfilled. The story was well defined through the dance drama.

There were 16 artists and Manju Hatwalne prepared it in just 20 days by doing hard work with upcoming artists.
Earlier, Tanishka Hatwalne in Bharatnatyam offered Pushpanjali, it was as beginning of the programme. She later exhibited childhood of Lord Vishnu in Padam, her body movement and attractive postures impressed audience. Manju Hatwalne’s direction to the dance drama was good.