Opportunities always thrive in challenges: Rahul Bhatia

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 18 Mar 2017 10:19:06

Business Bureau

“TO BECOME successful, one needs to anticipate opportunities well ahead of time and competitors. Hindsight is sharper than foresight and that conviction is always the propellant for growth,” said Rahul Bhatia, Founder and Group Managing Director, InterGlobe Enterprises and Co-Founder and Non-Executive Director, InterGlobe Aviation.

He was speaking at the 12th convocation of the Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Nagpur, on Friday. Kamal Nath, President of IMT Governing Council and Member of Parliament and Dr Subhajit Bhattacharyya, Director, IMT, Nagpur shared the dais.

In his keynote address, Bhatia shared the success story of Indigo Airlines. He explained the two sides of India, one having all resources and the other having no resources. “There is another India, such as the largest illiterate population, we lag seven years behind in Internet usage,” he said. He noted that the GDP of 7 per cent was a serious challenge to the new managers and business leaders. “Opportunities always thrive in challenges,” he said.

Sharing his success ‘mantra’, Bhatia said, a business leader should always have conviction, ability to take risk, planning and execution and relationship with the partners and stakeholders. “Planning and execution are key contributors to success. One must also try to give his best in its class in global era and should have respect for unique value,” Bhatia said.

Kamal Nath, in his presidential address said, “21st century is extraordinary, it’s completely a different time on the growth curve. The term like ‘globalisation’ has undergone a sea change. Every country in the world is concentrating on its own national economy. Sharing economy is the new norm. Now, ‘P’ is not ‘profit’ in business, but it stands for ‘people’ and ‘planet’ also.”

Kamal Nath also said, the life of technology was shrinking. “Create the untapped market potential to untapped boundaries. Embrace the fact that technology is that wave on which either you ride or get washed away. Therefore, evolve continuously with the changing cultural, political, economic and technological scenario in order to survive,” he said
Kamal Nath advised the business managers to adopt foresight for the long term and flexibility for the short term.
Dr Subhajit Bhattacharyya presented the annual report of the institute highlighting the key achievements of the faculty and students for the previous academic year.

Dr Jitendra Sharma, Dean-Academics, IMT, Nagpur, and Prof Anil Kumar, Programme Chairperson, IMT, Nagpur; Bakun Nath, MLA Sunil Kedar and others were present along with other faculty members of IMT, Nagpur. Guests and invitees from several corporate houses along with the proud parents of the graduating batch enthusiastically contributed to the success and splendor of the convocation ceremony.