Dr Sanjay Kumar delivers specialised talk on ‘Consumer behaviour and team building’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 19 Mar 2017 10:15:26

Staff Reporter,


Mar 18,

DR Sanjay Kumar, Vice-Chancellor of ITM University delivered a specialised talk on ‘Consumer behaviour and team building’ at Jayaswal Neco Industries, Raipur on Friday.

Addressing the special session, an expert of Engineering and Management subjects Dr Sanjay Kumar explained very lucidly with interesting illustrations, the concept of Group Dynamics of marketers and consumers. He laid emphasis on research towards the test market and identification of potential cluster of customers and consumers of steel industries. He also narrated the underlined concepts of 7Ps namely Price, Place, Promotion, Product, People, Process and Physical Evidence to capture the targeted market. He advised top officials to explore the possibilities of having partnership with high end automobile sectors like Mercedes and BMW for supply of steel.

Further, Dr Kumar stressed upon implementation of a well planned short term and long term strategy of marketing to draw the attention of consumers and capture the biggest segments of steel, pig iron and sponge iron. He outlined the major steel policies of the government and huge demand of steel, pig iron and sponge iron in the country. Informing of steel demand expected to reach 104 Metric Ton by 2017, he added that giants like Jayaswal NECO will have to widen the consumer base and increase the steel production capacity by modernizing the plant machinery on lean engineering concept.

Dr Sanjay Kumar concluded the session with a very pronounced statement that Ministry of Steel, Government of India is poised to chase China and USA, the largest and second largest producer and steel consumers of the world.