Thaker-Gimi, Mohta-Rai teams post innings wins

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 19 Mar 2017 09:51:34

Sports Reporter,

Cue sport buffs, especially the ones who love to play the thrilling mix of snooker and cricket — snickets — spent an thrilling Saturday evening dishing out innings’ defeats as the R.K. Naidu Memorial C.P. Club Snickets League 2017 entered its fourth day on Saturday.

Freshers to the game and others planning to have a go at the game enjoyed watching how innings defeats were posted.
Among those to mete out an innings defeat include the Raju Kamwani-Ujwal Kothari pair outclassing Pritesh Tank-Randhi Ashar 285-20. Folks are certain to see more of Kamwani in the further league rounds to follow.

Another match which grabbed the eyeballs was the one in which Rahul Thaker teaming up with Parheez Gimi went on to deliver an innings defeat to the brother-sister duo of Siddharth and Shraddha, 221-68. While it was the brother sister pairs second defeat, nonetheless, the siblings are being admired, for their team work and understanding, as amateurish as it may seem.

Jatin Kale teaming up with Ajay Agrawal went on to beat the Nimish Sutaria-Kapil Sutaria duo 190-93, yet another innings defeat.
The Vaibhav Rai-Tarun Mohta, not to be left behind posted an innings victory outclassing Bhonsale-Jairaj Lamba 263-34, yet another innings defeat.

RESULTS: •Chaitanya Jain-Arya Kumar beat Bhavani Bhosle-Jairaj Lamba 106-64. •Ashish Agrawal-Mithilesh Goenka beat Samarth Bajaj-Ayush Bharadwaj 138-55. •Raju Kamwani-Ujwal Kothari beat Pritesh Tank-Randhir Ashar 285-20, an innings victory. •Parheez Gimi-Rahul Thaker beat Siddharth Narang-Shraddha Narang 221-68. •Ajay Agraway-Jatin Kale beat Nimish Sutaria-Kapil Sutaria 190-93, an innings victory. •Vaibhav Rai-Tarun Mohta beat Bhawani Bhonsale-Jairaj Lamba 263-34. An innings victory.

On Sunday: League matches across six groups of the first round will be played, beginning with an afternoon session.