Dalai Lama all praise for CM’s brainchild ‘Happiness Ministry’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 20 Mar 2017 11:33:08

Staff Reporter,

THE 14th Spiritual Guru of Tibetan Buddhism Dalai Lama gave lecture on ‘Art of Remaining Happy’ at the auditorium of Madhya Pradesh Assembly on Sunday. Dalai Lama stressed on compassion, humanism, end of caste system and praised Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan for bringing up ‘Happiness Ministry’.

In his speech, Dalai Lama concentrated mainly on humanism and mutual respect for all religions. He said, he desists from claiming that any one religion is good. He added that happiness does not come from the materialistic world. One cannot buy happiness from super market. Actual happiness comes from within heart. He said, he never considered himself as a very special person and considered everyone as brothers and sisters.

Talking about myriad things, he underlined that natural disasters are beyond control but many problems such as violence and starvation are self created due to negligence. “It is totally wrong to remain ignorant and indifferent,” he said.

He added, anger devours the immune system of a person. Moreover, he said that man is a social animal and is dependent on others. No one, even a king, can live a solitary life. Hence, friendship is necessary for every individual and trust is a key factor in this regard.

He stressed on all religions, that carry the same message of compassion. Praising the diverse culture of India, he said that it is since 2000 years or 3000 years that different religions are co-existing in India and now, India needs to set this as example to the entire world. Expressing concern on fight due to small differences between followers of two sects of same religion in Arab countries, he said, India needs to show different religions can live together. Going into his past, he said when he was a small child, he never saw his mother angry. However, his father was a person with big mustache and used to lose temper often, hence he did not like him. “My first guru who taught me love and affection is my mother,” he claimed. Later, he shed light on how he became Dalai Lama. He said that he had to study extensively during his childhood and even today, he reads.
Vouching for love and compassion, he said, forgiveness is necessary to protect love. He informed that, along with an American University, he is working on curriculum over a warm heart and its first draft is ready.

Going to the past, he said that during the period of feudalism, farmers and lower class people were exploited. Now times have changed. Caste system has become outdated and needs to get changed. In democracy, everyone is equal.

In the question answer session, he said that once Buddhism suffered in rural Tibet and China had once destroyed Buddhism, but now Buddhist population in China is 400 million and many Buddhists are highly educated. So things are changing. On this occasion, Assembly Speaker Dr Sitasharan Sharma, Finance Minister Jayant Malaiya, Minister of State Vishwas Sarang, etc. were present.