Sharad Pawar suggests grand alliance against BJP

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 20 Mar 2017 09:24:59


Mar 19,


NCP supremo Sharad Pawar on Sunday said all the like-minded parties need to come together to counter the BJP.
He also said that with Yogi Adityanath becoming the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, “mandir-masjid” politics may get a boost.

“Looking at the kind of support BJP has garnered in the Assembly elections, it is very clear that all the like-minded parties need to come together (to face it),” said Pawar, who was here to inaugurate NCP’s new office.

“All the (non-BJP) parties need to do introspection about their shortcomings. To provide a strong alternative to BJP, it is necessary that all the like-minded parties come together,” he said, speaking to reporters.Asked if any talks had
started for this purpose, he said he wasn’t aware.

“It is a suggestion. As of now, no detailed discussions have been held....If NCP gets a proposal to be a part of such alliance, we will respond positively,” he said.
On the hardliner BJP leader Yogi Adityanath becoming the Chief Minister of UP, Pawar expressed fear that communal politics may take precedence in the northern state.
“Being such a big state, UP needs a leadership with a clear foresight to execute development agenda. However I am now worried about the people of UP, as the new leadership might pay more attention to ‘mandir-masjid’ issues rather than bringing real development,” he said.

His party was open to pre-poll alliance in Gujarat where Assembly elections are due this year, Pawar said. In 2012 state polls, NCP had a tie-up with Congress and won two seats.

“We haven’t received any proposal from any party for alliance. Though our experience with Congress wasn’t pleasant last time, we are still open to alliance with it,” he said.Earlier, addressing the local NCP workers, Pawar said
Prime Minister Narendra Modi had failed to keep his
elections promises.

“People voted for BJP because Modi made tall promises before 2014 polls. Modi had promised to increase farmers’ income by 50 per cent. But after three years farmers’ income has only decreased. That is why large number of farmers have ended their lives during BJP rule,” he claimed.
“Initially people thought demonetisation was a good decision. However, it only took away jobs. Around 52 per cent of workers in the small industries became jobless,” he said.