A royal sojourn

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 22 Mar 2017 12:22:02

By Aasawari Shenolikar

Always having portrayed strong women on screen, Sneha Wagh is all set to start on another journey where she gets to play a woman who helps mould a great warrior, a King who sets out to unite the region into one Akhand Punjab. Sneha plays the fierce queen Raj Kaur, Maharana Ranjit Singh’s mother in Life OK’s Maharana Ranjit Singh. In real life, this actor has gone through many a rough patch, but that, she feels, has helped shape her personality. And today she has emerged as a strong, confident, bold woman.

Talking to The Hitavada about her role in the magnum opus, Sneh says, “My role is very powerful. As a Princess of Jind, she becomes a Queen when she marries Maha Singh. And after giving birth to a son, whom they name Ranjit - the one who will win every war - she takes it upon herself to protect and teach her only son how to be a great warrior. It is always the mother who inculcates moral and ethical values in her child, and Raj Kaur is no different.”

To get everything right about the character, Sneha sat with the historians and was part of a detailed research. “I didn’t want to get anything wrong as this would be hurting the sentiments of the Sikh community. On my own also I did a lot of indepth research about Raj Kaur. I know I will do full justice to my character on screen.” She is extremely happy that like her previous roles, this role is also about woman empowerment. “Each character has taught me something and I have gained a lot from my work. Raj Kaur is also a highly inspiring character, very positive in her outlook and fiercely loyal to her husband and son. The emotional bond that she shares with her only one is very strong.” Sneha is of the firm opinion that every woman is multifaceted and strong and should know her own worth and should stand up for herself under any situations and circumstances.

Content is what makes her pick a role, which is the reason she has been a part of shows where the focus is on her. She agreed to come on board this show because of its strong and realistic story. “Initially I was very nervous. And there was a lot of pressure on me making me wonder if I would be able to carry it forward. But once I got into the routine, it became easy to play the Queen.”

She says the minute you don the costume, the transformation happens. Sneha is happy portraying the Queen, but she definitely is not happy about getting dressed for the part. Laughing she tells, “My costumes are double my weight. And it’s a tedious job getting ready. It takes about two hurts for me to get ready. But the minute the final touch happens, my body language changes. And I am ready to play the Queen.”

A Maharashtrian by birth, did Sneha have any difficulty in getting the right Punjabi lehja in her language as the dialogues are interspersed with a lot of Punjabi. “No,” she says, “ I am an actor and this comes to me naturally.”

Down the line, she is looking to play a role behind the camera. “Who knows, I might just direct a movie for Bollywood,” she wonders. She is acutely aware that TV is looked down upon by the people in the film industry. But is happy that the gap has now narrowed down. “TV’s reach id widespread. And I feel that a TV actor is more widely known as TV is beamed across countries and seen by millions worldwide.” To drive home her point, she cites an example of how every new movie is being promoted on TV so that it can reach millions of households.
Having survived two failed marriages, Sneha is in a very happy space right now. Work is her love. And she is eager to learn something more from her latest character Raj Kaur.
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