‘Teach Sanskrit from Std I on lines of Assam’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 28 Mar 2017 10:24:08

By Dheeraj Fartode,

Organising Secretary of Sanskrit Bharti congratulated Assam Govt for making Sanskrit compulsory till
Std VIII, and asked other states to follow the suit

“Sanskrit, which is the language of India since ages, has enriched our culture. The ancient Indian treasure books are written in Sanskrit and should be made open to all. Learning Sanskrit, therefore is necessary. It should be made available from Standard I and should be taught up to Standard VIII. Those interested, may study the language further,” said Shirish Hedasgaonkar, Kshetriya Organising Secretary of Sanskrit Bharti during a discussion with The Hitavada.

The philosophical and spiritual base of Indian literature must be informed to all. This is possible if basic Sanskrit is learnt at the early stages of schooling, he said.
Hedasgaonkar, who is the Organising secretary for Maharashtra, Gujarat and Goa, further stated that the Assam government, recently, took a decision to introduce Sanskrit as a compulsory subject till Std VIII.

“The decision has evoked sharp criticism from other parties, hence, we are only demanding for its inclusion in the syllabus as an optional subject,” Hedasgaonkar cleared his stand. On behalf of Sanskrit Bharti, Hedasgaonkar congratulated Assam Government for this decision. “Maharashtra and other state governments and Centre should ponder over it,” he opined.

“Nowadays, the education system has failed to inculcate values in the students. The teachers also have neglected this important aspect of the education system. If Sanskrit is included in the syllabus, it will help in inculcating values in the student,” he claimed. In the last 60 years, the government was working only to destroy our own culture, he alleged and said that now time ripe to rejuvenate it. The past government has not done anything for the Sanskrit. They were just felicitating Sanskrit scholars and did nothing to propagate or develop it.

Informing about the ongoing programmes of Sanskrit Bharti, Hedasgaonkar informed that Sanskrit Bharti is organising workshops on learning Sanskrit, from which many have been benefited. The organsisations have more than 200 units in the three states. Trustee of Vidarbha Prant Nyas Pramod Deshpande, Shridhar Moharir were present during the interaction.