BMC squad razing encroachments attacked in Arif NagarBMC squad razing encroachments attacked in Arif Nagar

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Mar 2017 11:21:50

Staff Reporter,

It was a tough time for the employees of anti-encroachment squad of Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) on Saturday morning when they reach Arif Nagar which is supposed to be home turf of Congress MLA Arif Aqueel. Here they were attacked by the local residents.

The irked people pelted stone on vehicles of civic body leaving a BMC driver injured. The injured team returned without executing removal of illegal construction. Entire Arif Nagar under Ward no 16 has been developed on 35 acre to 40 acre land of State Waqf Board land.

Later, in the presence of police personnel, only illegal kiosks and gumthis were seized. A complaint has been made in this regard by BMC at Gautam Nagar police station. Arif Aqueel has accused Waqf Board Chairman and BJP Minorities Morcha Vice President Mohammed Saukat Khan of promoting encroachment and facilitating anti-social elements, including his drive, to attack BMC anti-encroachment team. However, Saukat Khan denied stating Arif Aqueel has promoted encroachment for the last 25 years. The High Court had directed the Waqf Board in October 2012, to remove encroachments from Arif Nagar, a colony developed on 40 acres of prime land allegedly belonging to the board.

Arif Nagar is spread on a land in about 40 acres. This is a colony accommodating more than 20,000 households out of which nearly 5,000 fall under the encroached area of Waqf Board land. MLA Arif Aqueel said, “It is Waqf Board Chairman Saukat Khan who has promoted encroachment and anti-social elements in Arif Nagar. These anti-social elements, including his driver, have placed kiosks on road side and when BMC team went to remove them, they attacked BMC team. Members sustained serious injuries.” Waqf Board Chairman Saukat Khan said, “Such allegations are totally baseless and false. Arif Aqueel himself promoted and facilitated encroachers in Arif Nagar which has been developed on Waqf Board’s 35 acre to 40 acre land. Even after High Court order, Board has not removed illegal construction from Arif Nagar. We are neither involved any kind of attack on BMC team nor we promote it.”