Coca Cola Hatao Andolan starts in Hoshangabad

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Mar 2017 11:14:07

Staff Reporter,

COCA Cola Hatao Andolan was started with a protest march at Hoshangabad . While leading the protest convener of the campaign from Vichar Madhya Pradesh Akshay Hunka said that, “We will do our best to protect river Narmada from pollution . Ex-MLA Ratlam and activist Paras Saklecha said that, decision to set Coca Cola industry will affect Madhya Pradesh’s economy adversely. Additional to that it will also bring water pollution. The lifeline of Madhya Pradesh, Narmada is polluting fast.

Chemical effluents from he factories and waste from towns are steadily turning Narmada river into a drain and its various rivulets too are fast depleting. Expressing concern over the prevailing condition of the river there was a time when Narmada was mentioned among one of the least polluted rivers. But now the drainages of the local towns along the river and industrial waste have polluted it. Terming chemical fertilisers as a major threat for the river, he said, industrial units will also use it water and however, the flow of chemical waste into the river which is posing the biggest danger to it must be stopped.

This campaign is mainly focussed on bringing awareness to public community to protest against State Government’s decision to start Coca Cola unit; mega industrial project on the banks of river Narmada in Hoshangabad.

It is reported that Hindustan Coca Cola beverages will invest Rs 750 crore in phases as the Madhya Pradesh Government develops its first industrial area in public private partnership on 679 hectares in Babai village of Hoshangabad district, 72 km south of Bhopal.Whistle blower Vinayak Parihar who is known for disclosing sand mining issues at Narmada river bank is also be part of the campaign. It was alleged that ceaseless sand mining is putting river at risk and on top of it decision to Coca Cola unit in Babai industrial sector at Hoshangabad .