‘Take efforts to bridge gap between doctor and patient relationship’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Mar 2017 10:33:58

Staff Reporter,

Everybody, be it patient, be it doctor, be it lawyer, be it social worker or be it journalist, if make sincere efforts then it can help in establishing healthy doctor-patient relationship. If efforts are not taken now then it would cause a great damage to every sector of the society. This was what echoed in the seminar on ‘Doctor-Patient Relationship’ organised jointly by IMA, Nagpur and PEACE Foundation recently.

Dr Ashutosh Apte, eminent Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr Avinash Wase, President of IMA; Dr Varun Bhargava, President of Peace Foundation; Adv Bhanudas Kulkarni, well-known High Court Lawyer; Anil Joshi, Quality Consultant, Director of AnAscent Academy; Ashok Karandikar, Social activist from Jan-Akrosh; Vikas Vaidya, Principal Correspondent of ‘The Hitavada’ were the panelists.

Dr Ashutosh Apte, discussed how a doctor can take steps to improve upon the relationship citing beautiful examples of doctor patient interaction in day to day dealings.
Dr Avinash Wase said that they have included the aspects of communication, inter-personal relationship, and other topics in their seminars and symposia that are being arranged for doctors.

Adv BhanudasKulkarni, felt that whenever the cases against doctors come to the lawyers, they must evaluate properly and then only they should advise their clients purely on the basis of genuineness of the case.
Vikas Vaidya mentioned that press and media have always want them to be informed about the good work done by medical fraternity which could be published. Ashok Karandikar, told that people’s organisations can always help to spread the positive message to the masses.

Anil Joshi, Quality Consultant, Director of An Ascent Academy, described point wise, how patients could contribute to healthy doctor-patient relationship through their conduct.
Dr Varun Bhargava, President, PEACE Foundation and Dr. Avinash Wase welcomed the guests. Dr Varun Bhargava, felt that positive steps must be taken to bridge this gap.
Dr Yagnesh Thakar, Co-ordinator and moderator of the program, informed about the purpose and design of this program.

Dr Meraj Shaikh, Secretary, PEACE Foundation, did the summing up of the program and summarized all possible means of bridging the gap.
A skit was presented by the students of J D College of Engineering and Management depicting the present scenario of doctor-patient distress and how it can be resolved.

Dr Archana Kothari, Secretary, IMA, Nagpur, proposed a vote of thanks. Vaishali Magar, Manisha Thakar, Satish Tata, Manisha Tata, Jyotsna Likhar, Kalpana Sonule, Purnima Kanaskar, Yashwant Singh and Mithun assisted during the proceedings.

Prominent among those present were Dr Ashok Adhao, Past national President of IMA; Dr D K Agrawal, Dr Prashant Nikhade, Past presidents of IMA, Nagpur; Dr Vaishali Khandait, President Elect; Dr Kush Jhunjhunwala, Vice-President, IMA; Randhir Jhaveri, Vice-President, PEACE Foundation; Dr Prashant Bhowte, Treasurer, PEACE Foundation; Vandana Golchha, Amit Anand, Rita Bhargava, Directors, Om Mundra, Sharad Paliwal, Lalit Agrawal, Prabhuraman, Ravi Mannadiar, Ravi Kaskhedikar other members of PEACE Foundation, Members of IMA, many medical practitioners, lawyers, journalists, members of Jan-Akrosh, and others attended the programme.