Social drama ‘Waqt Ke Karahte Rang’ staged

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Mar 2017 11:51:58

Staff Reporter,

A Play ‘Waqt ke Karahte Rang’, a social drama staged by Bhopal Theatres under the direction of noted film and TV artist Rajiv Varma at Bharat Bhawan, on Sunday. It was a serious play, a realistic play that was impressive from its beginning to end. It was a play that showed family tension, family tragedy but it was actually differences of opinions, result of generations and recognition to western culture into Indian society. By and large, the play was a mirror of contemporary society.

What is pain, distress and social confrontation in society and families were evinced through short scenes. Every scene of the play was very tight, life has become a challenge. Society is changing it fast and so the people too and there is a big social change in our society. People are becoming self-interested.

It was really a good play that had put up a real picture of our society what we see today. There is a new society, new man.

Society is facing huge challenges these days.
Rajiv Varma, trained under the guidance of Lt BV Karanth, did theatre in college, Akashwani and different platforms, was more active at the 80s in films and in TV serials. He has travelled through amateur theatre to professional theatre also. Rajiv Varma’s wife Reeta Varma who is also a good theatre artist acted well.

Rajiv Varma’s direction to the play was no doubt commanding. The artists who had excelled includes Shyam Munshi, Reeta Varma, Badra Wasti, Mahua Chaterjee and Ashok Boolani. Music, make up, costume designing, stage craft and lightings all were important in the play.