Specially abled children recycling waste flowers from temples into colours

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Mar 2017 12:00:09

By Tara Chettur,

Colours made of dried flowers that is collected from temples, an initiative started by special children, is getting good response at Vigyan Mela. Around 6 kg of Holi colours, which are natural and organic, is being prepared by special children, who are mainly deaf and dumb and it has got such an active response that only few packets of yellow and green colour are left now. Rest all are sold.

Giving this information, Deepti Patwa, Convener of Ummang Institute, which runs school for dumb, deaf and mentally retarded said that around 15 children were trained for this for a month. A packet is being sold at Rs 10, which is cheap too. Mentally retarded children also participated in the training with good enthusiasm. It has to be mentioned that even making colours at times facilitates in providing healing therapy, that positively affects a person’s mood and physical or mental health.

She said that flowers are intrinsic part of worship and it is easy to get loads of flowers from places of worship. Flowers being trampled outside temples instead of being thrown into water bodies can be used for recycling in many ways. This was our small attempt to bring in chance and also to work towards making festival environment friendly.

Making colours is a tedious task and in general, flowers like amaltas, marigold, black babul can be crushed and mixed with water to get a yellow coloured paste. For Red color, use red sandalwood powder and add crushed hibiscus flowers to it. Blue colour can be dried. Jacaranda flowers can be crushed and mixed with water or flour. For saffron colour, saffron palash flowers soaked in water overnight are the best for use. In Bhopal city, mainly marigold flowers and rose petals are used in temples and also red hibiscus we get at times on special occasion, she adds.