Unlimited financial powers to hospitals to buy equipment

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 07 Mar 2017 11:50:46

Staff Reporter,

After considering poor condition of essential medical equipment and machines at the hospitals associated with Government medical colleges, recently the State Government had accorded them unlimited financial powers to purchase equipment and machines from companies or Madhya Pradesh Medical Corporation directly.

According to information, when Principal Secretary, Medical Education, had called a meeting to know about poor condition of equipment and machines in Government medical colleges hospitals and colleges, the Deans had said that they had very limited financial powers as only Rs 10 lakh. While many modern machines and equipment cost over Rs 10 lakh. In such condition, the Deans had to forward the equipment or machine purchasing case to Directorate of Medical Education (DME) where it was lying pending.

The Government received several public complaints about poor condition of equipment and machines at Government medical college associated hospitals. Besides, there was no MRI, CT scan machines or other modern medical testing equipment. Now, the Deans are to just get permission of purchasing mega equipment and machines from the Government and place order with specifications. The senior officers in Medical Education Department have made it clear that if any equipment or machine was found out of order, directly the medical college Dean will be held responsible.

The Deans have again started calling monthly reports about equipment and machines from every department of the college as how many equipment are out of order what new equipment they want in their department in interest of the patients. This report is sent to the Government.

Many efforts were made to contact Dr Ulka Shrivastava, Director Medical College but in vain.
Dr M C Songara, Dean, Gandhi Medical College, said the Deans had earlier limited financial powers to equipment purchasing head. But now, they have been given unlimited financial powers. “We have started calling monthly reports of equipment and machines from all departments,” he said.