HR is promoter of company: Judhajit Das

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Mar 2017 09:27:19

Business Bureau,

THE National HRD Network (NHRDN), Nagpur Chapter organised its first session of the series on Tuesday at Chitnavis Centre. The topic of the session was ‘Organisation Culture -Defining your company’s DNA’. The keynote speaker was Judhajit Das, Chief HR, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance and President of NHRDN, Mumbai Chapter.
Starting with the history of HR practice, Das noted that first it was Welfare Officer, Personnel Officer. However, in the year 1975, the department of HR was first set up in L&T. Das said: “HR is the promoter of the company. He leverages people to make them productive. Employees of the company are those who make return on capital possible. We depend on people and make them productive.”

With his vast experience of working in different companies, Das explained that it was the organisation which was most important rather than any particular department of the organisation. He suggested to make the manpower more efficient. One must maximise values of the enterprise and minimise the value of any department.

“We do just the opposite, there is nothing called as department, we must look at the organisation. Except the job of a specialist like the surgeon or police, every other job can be learned, even academic qualification is not important. A good HR must see as to who is the best person suitable for a particular role at a particular time. We must give more importance in understanding the business rather than understanding the department,” Das suggested.

“Who creates culture, the Board of Directors or the CEO,” he asked. “Culture depends on the needs of the organisation. The culture at the time of the company’s initial stage will be different. When the company is making progress the culture will also change. The culture of a start-up company will be different from the large company,” Das said.

“It is important that the organisation must change and adapt itself with the changing times. One must be flexible and adaptable to changes in order to grow,” Das noted.
He was introduced by Anand Aurangabadkar, President of Nagpur Chapter of NHRDN. Ranjit Dani, Secretary, Mridul Chakravorty, Treasurer, Amishi Arora, Jyoti Mahendru and others were prominently present.