Maihar cops bust inter-state gang defrauding traders

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Mar 2017 11:12:15

Our Correspondent,


Mar 7,

TI, Maihar, Manish Tripathi and Maihar police added yet another feather in their cap by busting a fraudulent gang operating in the area. This inter-state gang has members, one from Kolkata, West Bengal, one from Naugaon from Chhatarpur.

As per information, members of this fraudulent gang and traders indulged in heated discussion over price of fake radioactive rice puller. Then traders suspected working of this gang and informed TI Manish Tripathi. Then on direction of SDOP, Maihar V D Pandey, a secret plan was finalised to catch this gang. TI Manish Tripathi called these fraudster on mobile posing as customer and asked them to come to Ghantaghar as he want to purchase rice puller.

Maihar police team in plain clothes was present at Ghantaghar. When they reached Ghantghar, TI Tripathi and team caught hold of the gang members. Then all four gang members were taken to Maihar police station. Police recovered from them fake radioactive rice puller, seized Innova car (WB 42 U 0821) and (MP 16 MJ 1157).
Some cash and four mobile phones were also recovered from this gang.

TI Tripathi informed that radioactive rice puller original cost is much but these fraudulent gang was selling this equipment at very low price hence traders were getting lured. This gang was luring traders by giving practical demonstration of this machine in which rice grains were attracted due to radioactive rays and then were grinded automatically. This gang had covered seal shape weighing one kg article and in down side of this machine, some words were written in ancient language which the were claiming to be historic. This they were claiming to be radioactive rice puller.

This team which arrested this fraudulent gang are TI Manish Tripathi, Sanjay tiwari, Tribhuvan Mishra, Anil Tripathi, Pramod gupta, Ravishankar Dubey.

The arrested gang members are Sumundu Gangoli, resident of santishpur Kolkata, Kalipodo Noskar, resident of Galfamandal, Kolkata, Kutubuddin Sheikh, resident of Jainagar, from West Bengal and Mohd Shakeel, resident of Naigaoan. Police has booked cases under Section 420, 34 against the accused and sent them to jail.