Unsung ‘women’ heroes of crime investigation

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 Mar 2017 11:53:38

By Tara Chettur,

There are some super courageous women who work meticulously with Crime Branch to decode criminal investigation but remain unsung. Call them multitasker or multi professional they are into the work when and where required.

Geeta Sharma, 59, is a Sub Inspector working at Police Headquarters in State Crime Record Bureau (SCRB) who is involved with making sketches of wanted criminals. She is into this profession from last seventeen years.
She says making caricatures was just her hobby but after initial software training at NCRB which she took in the year 2,000 she started a full fledged career in it.

Talking about her profession she says it is not at all easy since most of the criminals involved are with heinous crimes the person describing the details of criminal also becomes pensive and are unable to cope with practical questions. It also effects work as the work become tedious so to get details from person we usually start with hairs and then eyes. ‘Hair ‘and ‘Eyes’ plays an important role in describing face of the individual and shape of the face many times is easy to identify with. With the advance software now nose, chin, lips ear and even cheek identification is done which many times matches with that of the criminal very closely. Mentioning about one of the incidents, she says that during a rape case of a minor girl in city the case was getting very complicated first.

It was every tough to intrigue with a minor children to find out who was the culprit since he was stranger to her but later when she was taken into confidence with little concentration she was able to help me sketch the culprit and he was taken into custody within 48 hours.
Talking about challenges in this profession she says as it is male dominated society cooperation from male plays an important role and with great community participation only her work results in effective probe.