Unwarranted hurry at intersections causing accidents

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 Mar 2017 10:50:01

Staff Reporter,


Mar 8,

ON many occasions, innocent people have to suffer owing to the unwarranted hurry made by others, which leads to tragic road mishaps, specifically at the intersections, where traffic signals are installed, in twin city of Bhilai and Durg. However, certain precautionary measures and awareness regarding traffic safety norms can spare people from becoming the unfortunate victims of such mishaps.

With fast developing urban ambiance and ever increasing purchasing capacity of people, including those from lower strata of society, the vehicular traffic at main lanes and highways in urban areas have increased manifold, but least regard for traffic regulations and unwarranted haste while driving vehicles, is costing dearly to innocent people. Although, campaigns and drives are being organised at regular intervals by traffic police, but despite that, people seem to be prone for flouting traffic regulations, resulting in several fatal mishaps, involving innocent commuters. However, the mishaps occur at intersections with traffic signals, could be avoided with little foresight regarding the consequences of the haste made by others, while driving their vehicles.

Usually such mishaps occur at intersections with traffic signals when speeding vehicle following the ongoing vehicle rams into its rear when the signal turns red, following the blinkers time. Such mishaps could be avoided by slowing down one’s vehicles and changing the lane near signal areas prior to stopping the vehicle at any intersection with traffic signals. In such a situation, the person speeding behind our vehicles would get the high speed lane open to bypass the ongoing vehicles, thereby avoiding the mishap in the process.

When contacted, Satish Thakur, Dy S P (Traffic) informed that speeding vehicles in close quarters of traffic signals could potentially be dangerous for commuters and also for others. He categorically stated that during flashing of blinkers, only the riders reached beyond the zebra crossing could pass through the intersections.

He appealed the populace for imbibing the traffic regulations while grasping their true significance for ensuring the safety and wellbeing of themselves and also of the fellow commuters. He also added that the timer was installed at all signals and the commuters ought to avoid crossing the signals within fraction of few seconds.