Women’s Day at JMC witnesses high voltage emotional outburst of Mayor

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 09 Mar 2017 11:26:21

Staff Reporter,

International Women’s Day at JMC witnessed high voltage emotional outburst during the proceedings of the house. Reportedly Mayor Dr Swati Godbole who faced bitter criticism on her reference being made to Reservation comment by Opposition members burst into tears in course of her speech given in the floor of the house she suppurated profusely. Height of vehemence in the house dominated the proceedings of the house as after Mayor in her speech wept made the Opposition members to console by seeking apology.

All members from Opposition camp and ruling bench came forward to console the weeping Mayor. Weeping JMC Mayor has hit the head lines across all media as people belonging to all sections of society have criticised the circumstances that lead Dr Swati Godbole to weep inside the house According to information the proceeding in JMC house that remain interrupted in view of remark made by Mayor on the issue of reservation. As opposition benches who had taken serious gravity of Mayor statement on the issue had demanded resignation and staged massive protest in the floor of the house. The overnight protest staged in the house took a pensive turn on Wednesday after opposition members demanded the recording of video footage of Mayor’s speech that spark controversy. Yielding to the demand made the video footage dated 27.2.2017 was put on display.

Apparently the video footage put on display showed Mayor delivering her speech but the audio was missing from the footage. This made opposition members exasperated who sought clarification on the manipulation made in the video footage. The members claimed that since the speech was given on March 6 how is that the video footage of February 27 has been put on display. They demanded that the video footage of the proceeding of the house on March 6 be shown in the house. The demand made by opposition gain created topsy-turvy s the footage demanded by the opposition benches was not produced by the ruling party.

Amidst high topsy-turvy Rajesh Sonkar leader opposition, senior corporator Vinay Saxena Mukesh Rathore and other accused the JMC officials of having made mock of the house and is highly undemocratic in democratic system. Opposition members sought clarification from Mayor on her statement given on the issue of reservation.

Eventually Mayor stood up to address the house amidst high emotional outburst who in course of her speech expressed her disgust on the stubborn stance of opposition members having staged overnight dharna inside the house along with mattress and other goods. In course of her clarification she wept profusely creating pensive state in the house. Members present realising its being international woman day and the first person of the city who is a woman weeping. Made all members to come on the floor to console Dr Swati Godbole to stop her to weep.
The meeting remained inconclusive as no work in the house could get done during the emotional outburst of Mayor followed by damage control by opposition members in the floor of the house.