WCL sets new benchmark in production, CSR during 2016-17

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 Apr 2017 09:55:11

Business Bureau,

Achieves 45.63 million tonnes coal production in FY 2016-17

THE Western Coalfields Limited (WCL) has set a new benchmark in coal production and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) during FY 2016-17. It has registered a record growth of 56 per cent in coal production during March, 2017 on month-to-month basis and achieved 45.63 million tonnes coal production during FY 2016-17. This was revealed by Rajiv Ranjan Mishra, Chairman-cum-Managing Director (CMD) of WCL, while talking to the media on Monday.

He said that during the last quarter of FY 2016-17, the WCL achieved a record 30.1 per cent growth in coal production, 20.1 per cent growth in over burden (OB) sand removal, 15.2 per cent growth in despatch compared to the corresponding period of FY 2015-16. In FY 2016-17, due to drop in demand by State Gencos, the WCL had to bring down its production of coal which resulted in a 27 per cent negative growth during the first seven months. Subsequently, after increase in demand of coal, the production was accelerated and the company did a remarkable turnaround to achieve a positive growth during FY 2016-17, he added.

“WCL is all set to achieve an ambitious goal of 60 million tonnes per annum coal production in FY 2019-20. The goal attains significance if placed with the fact that till FY 2013-14, it was continuously registering a negative growth since 2010-11 and by 2019-20, the production capacity of the existing mines is expected to be depleted by about 20 million tonnes,” he pointed out.

WCL had started work on the first in the world pipe conveyor belt to supply coal to the 18 MW Khaperkheda power plant which was a great achievement, Mishra said. While achieving various milestones, over two-and-half-year period during 2014-2017, the WCL has achieved the highest ever coal production of 3.36 lakh tonnes in a day and highest ever dispatch of 1.67 lakh tonnes with 31 rakes loading in a day during FY 2016-17. Also, it approved 30 projects, highest ever in a year, adding a capacity of 53.29 million tonnes per annum and opened 18 projects having 37.89 million tonnes per annum capacity, highest ever in a year, he said.

Mishra said that the WCL had given employment opportunities to 1,537 persons during FY 2016-17 which was close to 1,606 employment provided during the past 10 years from March 2004 to September 2014. It had taken the highest ever physical possession of land of 5,122 hectares, which was more than total 3,991 hectares during 2004-2014. Also, the highest ever employment was given to 3,060 people. “It has distributed about Rs 1,500 crore to the project-affected people (POPs),” he said.

Mishra said that the WCL had given a proposal to the CIL in Kolkata that it be allowed to own and operate mines in Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and other places to augment its coal production capacity to more than 125 million tonnes by 2020. The WCL would make a total investment of about Rs 7,500 crore towards capex till 2020.

On the CSR front, the company had also launched many initiatives towards bringing meaningful change in the lives of the people residing in and around its command areas during FY 2016-17. The WCL had launched three apps like the vendor bill status app, Sampark app and mine water app which could be downloaded from Google, he said.

Mishra highlighted that the WCL had a capacity to discharge about 30 crore litres of water per day from its mines. The initiative for utilisation of water discharged from the mines for recharging ground water, irrigation and water supply for drinking under ‘Jal Sahayog’ and ‘K2K’ as well as contribution in ‘Jalyukta Shivar’ scheme benefited thousands of villagers. The K2K project of the WCL had been awarded with Gold among the top 50 projects of the country. Recently, the WCL had also provided RO-treated water to villagers of Nilgaon and soon another RO water plant was being installed in Patansaongi village.

Furthermore, the WCL was planning to supply water for irrigation through an MoU with the Irrigation Department of the State Government. The Eco Mine Tourism initiative, the first of its kind in the country, had been started to create awareness of coal mining and ecological balance among the people. To bring in tourists, the WCL had tied up with the MTDC on December 16, 2016 to attract tourists, he said.

WCL had trained about 6,400 PAPs living in and around its command areas through four skill development centres, he said. Also, the extraction of sand from over burden (OB) was a prestigious project to supply low cost fly ash bricks for affordable housing schemes.

WCL extracts sand and supplies it to NIT under a MoU signed on January 1. A pilot project of making bricks using mix of clay from OB and ash from power plant was another ambitious project to support low-cost housing schemes apart from other initiatives under its CSR, he said. Present were Sanjay Kumar, Director (Personnel) of WCL, Pradeep Kumar Maitra, President of Tilak Patrakar Bhavan Trust and Brahma Shankar Tripathi, President of NUWJ.