Smart technology coolers beating blistering heat

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Apr 2017 09:52:03

By Praveen Vighre,

WITH the onset of early summer this year, cooler manufacturers are leaving no stone unturned to latch on to the opportunity. They are pushing sales by introducing smart technology coolers to beat the blistering heat. Right from the local to the national manufacturers, all have launched new models with smart technology. The demand for coolers has suddenly moved up with the climbing of the mercury.

Sources said that people wanted to protect themselves from the scorching heat with the help of coolers but they wanted coolers at a cheaper cost. Air coolers are affordable and the best option for most of the common people. Today, many different types of air coolers from various brands are available in the city right from room coolers (used for bedrooms and small offices), duct coolers (used for central air cooling), jumbo coolers (used for large halls, bigger offices), etc. based on the area they cool. But the basic principle of functioning remains the same for all of them. The brands that are trying to corner their market share in the local market include Symphony, Bajaj, Orient, Crompton, Voltas, Blue Star, Kenstar, Baybreez, Ram coolers and Wox. Symphony has introduced a range of coolers in the market with features such as digital touch screen, voice assist and mosquito repellent.

Rajesh Gadekar of Apeksha Electricals, who is into the business of home appliances since 20 years said, “With more emphasis on saving electricity and water, manufacturers have launched several new smart models in the market. Right from coolers with remotes, 3D cooling, double blower, automatic lever sitting, sound indicator to touch coolers are available. They are coolly priced from Rs Rs 6,990 to Rs 16,990.”

Sources said that the demand for traditional desert coolers made of metal was also constant. However, people were more attracted towards smart technology. The cooling pad which had replaced the wood wool, was the game changer.

Cooling pad with honey comb technology gave high cooling with I-pure technology. It purified air with its multi-layer technology and gave out pure air as compared to traditional desert coolers. Even the smart coolers occupied less space and was most suitable for the compact rooms.

Cooling pads are the ideal and most economical method of cooling. Its evaporative cooling is the process in which the air is cooled by using the heat in the air to evaporate the water from an adjacent surface.
A temperature reduction of 10 to 20°C (50-68°F) can be achieved by passing the hot fresh air through the wetted pads.

The temperature reduction depends on the dry bulb and wet bulb temperature of the ambient incoming air, the thickness of the pad (in the direction of the air travel), the geometry of the pad, the air velocity through the pad and provided the proper amount of water is used and distributed evenly so that all of the pads are wet through their depth, height and width.

The hotter and drier the incoming air, the higher the temperature reduction, after passing through the wetted pads, sources added.