Dinshaw’s launches ‘Dil Hi Toh’ cone ice cream range

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 17 Apr 2017 09:56:08

Business Bureau

DINSHAW’S Dairy Foods has brought a new delightful range of ice cream cones under its vast umbrella.To bring a pleasant and cool twist to the scorching heat.
This summer, Dinshaw’s has launched its all new brand ‘Dil Hi Toh’ in cone ice cream category. The range comes right in summers to bring a pleasant change for ice cream lovers.

The all new ‘Dil Hi Toh’ cone are enriched with milk ice cream, crunchy waffle and gracious quantity of chocolate at top and bottom. The range is available in various exciting flavours like Gold-n-Chocolate, Badam Roasted, Choco Chips, Choco Delight, Cotton Candy etc. The range has been well received and has already become a rage amongst consumers.

Zervin Rana and Jamashp Bapuna of Dinshaw’s Dairy Foods said, “Keeping consumer expectations and product benefits in mind, this year Dinshaw’s has redefined its ice cream products and consolidated them into 7 specific brands of ice cream. The seven brands are Allure the premium range, Fruit Tree an ice cream range with natural ingredients and chunks of fruits; Dil Hi Toh the pre-packed cones; All’s Right the no-sugar ice cream.

It is all about sinning without the guilt; Sunsation - the ice lollies, Kulfeast – the Kulfis and Frolix - the candies, cups and novelties.” Further talking about cone category they said, “The cone ice cream is one of the most consumed ice-creams and is the largest segment. So we selected our cone brand ‘Dil Hi Toh’ as our offering to spearhead our consumer communication this year.

The packaging design of Dil Hi Toh is banked on interesting insight that came by triangulating mother brand Dinshaw’s long-term vision, brand Dil Hi Toh format specific consumer insights and the real-time consumer expectations. Dil-Hi-Toh new packaging is based on the insight that the consumer actually eats the ice-cream cone thrice - once when he or she starts thinking about eating, two when the wrapper is taken off and third when actual consumption happens.
The cone experience is much different from other formats and is multi-layered. In case of Dil Hi Toh packaging design, it replicates what’s on the pack – what the consumer will get”.