Medical miracle at KRIMS Hospitals

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 18 Apr 2017 09:44:34

Business Bureau,

RECENTLY an inspiring story was witnessed in Nagpur city hospital. A 46-year-old Mrs Goyal, was admitted at KRIMS Hospitals, Ramdaspeth on March 9, with severe breathing problem and fever. Her throat swab was sent for testing which came out to be positive for swine flu. As she was a diabetic, her condition was deteriorating rapidly and she had to be put on mechanical ventilation. Her chest X-ray showed multiple zone involvement and she was diagnosed as a case of swine flu (H1N1 +ve) with ARDS.

Even with intense antibiotics and antiflu medication, her condition wasn’t showing much improvement. Due to increasing respiratory distress she had to be intubated on March 14. Her oxygen requirements were increasing by the day and she was on 100 per cent oxygen support by mechanical ventilation. It was a test of patience for both the treating doctors and the patient relatives, as there was a very slow improvement in her clinical parameters. After a long wait of 19 days the team of doctors at KRIMS Hospitals was able to remove the mechanical ventilator support on April 1. The patient was shifted to the ward and successfully discharged from the hospital on April 5.

It is no less than a miracle that Mrs Goyal who was on 100 per cent mechanical life support with the complications of H1N1 was revived completely and was discharged in a very stable condition. A study of total 219 H1N1 swine flu patients treated at KRIMS in 2014-2015 was recently published in International Journal of Viral Diseases.

It was a team effort of the doctors and the paramedical staff that Mrs Goyal could survive 19 days of mechanical ventilation. Also, it was years of experience of Dr Ashok Arbat, and close monitoring and trained back-up of ICU team at KRIMS and patient’s will power and faith shown by relatives that played a role in the happy recovery of Mrs Goyal.