Chain-pulling cases on the rise in Bhopal division

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 20 Apr 2017 11:52:44

By Ankita Garg,

In 90 per cent cases, passengers reported that they pulled the chain for relatives, who boarded off at last station to fill water bottle

With sultry and scorching heat, chain-pulling cases are continuously rising in trains under Bhopal division. In 90 per cent cases, passengers reported that they pulled the chain for relatives, who boarded off at last station to fill water bottle.

According to Railway reports, there were total 544 chain-pulling cases in trains under Bhopal division from January 1 to April 2. Most interesting fact of this data is from March 30 to April 2 (four days), 31 passengers pulled the chain, which created punctuality loss to the trains. In month of March 2017, there were 97 chain-pulling cases, which affected about 97 trains. Railway police charged fine from 181 people regarding the matter.

In month of February, 2017, there were 202 chain-pulling cases, which affected 110 trains, while in the month of January, there were 214 chain-pulling cases that affected 141 trains. Railways book offender under Railway Act, which punishes the felony with a Rs 1,000 fine, a year jail or both. Department has also displayed notice in all coaches against unnecessary chain-pulling.

Talking to ‘The Hitavada’, Railway Police Force (RPF) officials said, when they contacted passengers involved in chain pulling cases, most of them said, their relative boarded off at last station to fill water bottle. The water coolers installed at several stations and platforms usually witness rush, which make them late in catching the train. There are also few cases in which passengers take time to board off the train and finally, they pull the chain. RPF said, few passengers board on the train without having ticket and when they see ticket checking staff, they board off the train after chain pulling.

According to a Railway communiqué, in year 2015, there were 3,187 chain-pulling cases in different trains. Concerned department charged fine of Rs 10,98,833 in all these cases. In year 2016, there were 2,438 chain pulling cases registered with Railway Rapid Police Force (RPF). The fine charged by RPF in all such cases was amounted to Rs 7,24,925.

“Railways incurs big loss because trains run late with indiscriminate chain-pulling for silly reasons. It disturbs the punctuality of trains and many passengers compromise with the schedule. Railways holds several campaigns to make people aware of the issue,” said IA Siddique, Public Relation Officer (PRO) West Central Railway (WCR) Bhopal division. He further said, alarm chains in trains are given for emergency situations. The chain given in train coaches are an emergency brake that allows train to stop midway. PRO Siddique said, as per records, many chain pullers do this just for small reasons. However, as per rules, management has to halt the train once a chain has been pulled.