‘Human interaction is key for digital marketing’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 21 Apr 2017 09:48:06

Business Bureau,

VIA Lady Entrepreneurs Wing organised a two-day workshop on ‘Digital Marketing’. On second day, the workshop was conducted by Anurag Kulkarni, CEO, SA Digital Films Pvt Ltd. Dr P B Kale, Director, MGIRI, Wardha was the guest for the valedictory programme.

Anurag Kulkarni said that people like interaction. He said that stories are the best way to go forward especially with respect to digital marketing and one should not wait for too long but rather go ahead with trial and error.

He advised the audience to think big and said that one should be aware of one’s USP. He also explained the difference between marketing and sales. He said that brand is the value that one perceives in mind. He also mentioned the 4 P’s of marketing and explained the fifth ‘P’ of participation applicable in case of digital marketing. “Mindless promotion does not work now days,” he added.

“In today’s digital era, the concept of B2B or B2C no longer exists; rather it is the time for H2H i.e. Human to Human,” he pointed out.

Kulkarni also explained the concept of inbound marketing in detail. “It helps customers buy the product that they feel they need. For creating a brand, make customers want to commit to something they believe in,” he pointed out.

He gave a few tips to excel in digital marketing. “One should not blindly copy what others are doing. Meaningful engagement really matters a lot. Its better to hide some facts in the communication that is sent to the target audience to make them approach you for the same. One should be very particular about one’s business and not tolerate anything below standard,” he said.

He suggested that one should not be part of the chaos/noise while making use of digital marketing. Quoting few examples, he said that one should understand the difference between the working on business and the working in business.

Dr P B Kale, Director, MGIRI informed the audience about many developed technologies that are available in MGIRI for rural enterprise and entrepreneurs. Mahatma Gandhi Institute for Rural Industrialisation (MGIRI) conducts regular training programmes at Wardha for the citizens of India to take benefit of all newly developed technologies and utilise the same for setting up their business and earning profits.
He mentioned that MGIRI provides support to upgrade the products of rural industry so that they gain wide acceptability in the local and global markets.

Earlier, Shachi Mallick, President of VIA LEW welcomed Anurag Kulkarni and Dr P B Kale. Programme was conducted by Poonam Lala and Shikha Khare. The vote of thanks was proposed by Reeta Lanjewar, Secretary, VIA LEW. Certificates were also distributed during the valedictory programme. Also present were Pragati Gokhale, Saniya Pervez, Madhubala Singh, Chitra Parate, Vandana Sharma, Manisha Bawankar, Rashmi Kulkarni, Indu Kshirsagar and Mitali Rafique. The programme was attended by large number of entrepreneurs, students and housewives.
Vidarbhab Industries Association continuously organises various workshops, programmes and seminars to update its members.