Awareness programme on child labour organised

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 21 Apr 2017 12:03:03

Staff Reporter,

Awareness programme on child labour was organized outside Bhopal Main Railway station platform number 1 mainly to sensitize pupil living in slum areas near railway colonies. The seminar was arranged by M.P.Anusuchit Jati Vikas Evam Kalyan Samiti and event was organized near next to GRPF Thana near railway station.It is been observed that slum dwellers especially living near railway station sent their children for various menial works to meet day to day family needs .

It was pointed out in a recent study that in Bhopal city the highest number of children working as child labour comes under the age group 12-16 and most of them are deployed as permanent employees at different sectors. The survey was conducted in about 152 child laborers in the city who were working with no administrative hassles in different working sectors in the region .Most of them were found working as Mechanic, House maid, tailor shops, street vendor, helpers at chops, newspaper boys , assisting at marriage function etc .In the survey conducted their parents and employers were also involved so that other details about the psychological aspect of child labour can be surfaced.

It was found that around 3 % children involved as child labour were above four year and around 30 % are between 4- 8 year old and other 30 % children were found under 8-12 years .
The highest number of children deployed as child labour in the city comes under 12-16.These child laborer were working in different working sectors units and around 70 % children were not even having provision for drinking water supply at the working areas where they work.

Out of 152 children 74 children were school going along with working and 78 children did not go school .
On an average their daily income comes above 100 – 150 per day. More boys were deployed as child labour, Out of 152 around 141 boys and around 11 girls were involved as child labour.