CHANA to bring C’garhi people in North America together

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 21 Apr 2017 11:10:52

Staff Reporter,


Showing concern for the people of Chhattisgarh living in USA, a group is coming on one social platform to help each other. This initiative has been taken by CHANA (Chhattisgarh Association of North America) to bring all Chhattisgarhi people in North America together under one big umbrella.

The team has been using social media platform to connect more than 800 new families within three months. In three months, families from Chhattisgarh living in North America have arranged get together in many states in USA and planning for a mega event in near future.

According to Ganesh Kar, who is from Bacehli, Dantewada and now live in Chicago, has been appointed as executive President of this association. He says, he has a vision for this association and is trying to make it a very powerful association in both USA and India, similar to other associations like Telugu association of North America.
Ganesh is working with other council members and making strategy to achieve this objective. He has identified various active members and working actively with all to make future strategy.

Ganesh Kar, in a recent meeting with ‘Families from Chhattisgarh’ who are working in USA said that these families face lot of problems due to absence of association at the national level. The families who have been working in USA for years but returned to their home state for various reasons feel isolated in Chhattisgarh as they are unable to cope with the systems in practice in their home state and are willing to return, the association would help them. The Association will help all families in USA to connect each other locally and will provide social networking platform where kids can learn about their tradition and culture and help the community.

This association will also help students, who are coming here for Masters. CHANA will work with Government in near future on education, IT, and skill development areas to support our people in Chhattisgarh.

Our executive team is also working to put strategy together to bring Chhattisgarh’s famous local artists to America so that their art form can be exhibited, added Kar. 

He further added that people are very much excited about this association and supporting by referring a friend and family. CHANA has been extended to Illinois, East coast, Michigan, Ohio, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Arizona whereas California has this group from past couple of years.