‘Practice branding is only route to robust growth’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 30 Apr 2017 09:37:12

Business Bureau,

“In today’s cut-throat competition, you either stand out or are known for something or are lost in the crowd,” said Sanjay Arora addressing a jam-packed hall at the workshop on ‘Brand Your Professional Practice fro Success’ organised by Lemon School of Entrepreneurship at Chitnavis Centre recently.

He said, all professional whether doctors, lawyers, architects or CAs etc., are high IQ people so their competency cannot be doubted, all they need to succeed is learning the marketing and managerial skills. Unfortunately, most professionals come out of their institutes with really no idea as to how to start their own practice and make it successful and hence take decades for their reputation to be established. This process can be accelerated by understanding and implementing the basics of practice branding.

“Ultimately any professional is only as good as he is thought to be by his potential clients and that process of creating the right perception is controllable. One needs to create a right image in the minds of its target audience and that image needs to be maintained by consistently serving them well,” he said.

Arora said, “Your professional brand needs to evolve from the professional’s personal vision and differentiation, the brand identity elements have to be overlaid on that.”
To ensure that the delegates could understand better, he discussed local cases for learning starting with Bharat Parekh. He explained how he innovated at every step and how it helped him become a brand.