Customer is the reason for our existence, says Dr G P Rao

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 30 Apr 2017 09:40:45

Business Bureau,

“One must change the direction of his thought process in order to get the desired change in life,” said Dr G P Rao, Founder and Managing Partner of Good People Relations (GPR HR Consulting LLP) while addressing as a keynote speaker at the National HRD Network, Nagpur Chapter’s second in the series of monthly sessions on Saturday.

The topic of the session was ‘Developing customer centricity across organisation- The role of HR.’
Quoting Mahatma Gandhi and Steve Jobs, Dr Rao explained the importance of customer to any business. He emphasised on being business centric, value centric and even number centric. “Who is doing you favour?. You to customer or customer to you.? Customer is the reason for our existence. Think of his profit,” Dr Rao said. He explained how one can be customer centric. According to Dr Rao, for customer centricity there must be focus-based value addition. Passion beyond an act or habit. Offering a unique experience and delight to the customer, involves a mindset, strategy and approach to put the customer at the core of the organisation. Bias for customer across the organisation.

He also stressed on having a good culture at the organisation. “Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” Dr Rao said. He also differentiate between customer centric culture and organisation centric culture.

“For customer centric culture, one must think of what product, what services, how can we make money. For organisation centric culture, one must think of what do our customer needs now and how can we help them. What relation do our customer expect us to establish with them. How can we give maximum benefit to our customer,” he said.

Anand Aurangabadkar, President, Ranjit Dani, Secretary and Mridul Chakravorty, Treasurer of National HRD Network, Nagpur Chapter, CA Swapnil Ghate, and others.