Alexis Hospital launches ‘Chance to Change’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 01 May 2017 10:05:55

Business Bureau,

CERVICAL cancer, mainly caused by human papilloma virus infection, is the leading cancer in Indian women and the second most common cancer in women world-wide. Alexis Multispecialty Hospital marked the launch of a significant campaign that promotes early detection and prevention of cervical cancer right from the age of 12.

The campaign named ‘Chance to Change’ is an open invitation to the communities and residents of Central India to step forward and break the taboo of concealing the prevalence of this disease among women. Through various mass screening camps, educational health talks on early detection and vaccination, the hospital aims at reducing the incidence of the disease across India.

The launch event hosted a press-conference and panel discussion led by renowned cancer expert and Professor of Medicine from the University of California, San Francisco, Dr Pamela Munster, who arrived in city as the campaign ambassador. Dr Munster, a cancer survivor herself, has led and inspired many such campaigns in the UAE for the group’s hospitals and carries forward the legacy of educating masses on early detection and prevention of cancer across India starting with this campaign at Alexis Multispecialty Hospital. The panel discussion focused on the symptoms, causes, treatments and prevention methods and involved experts from the hospital giving their advice. A pledge was signed by all participants promising to support the noble cause.

Kundatai Vijaykar, first women Mayor of Nagpur and an eminent social worker was the chief guest for the function. She shared the dais with Dr Suchika Deshmukh, Managing Director, HERD Foundation, Nagpur. Kundatai says “This is a very noble initiative taken up by Alexis Hospital in spreading awareness about cervical cancer which majorly prevails in rural areas where the education and awareness is lacking. It is heartening to see a corporate group like Alexis Hospital is taking this confident step of reaching out to the needy.”

Zanubia Shams, Co-Chairperson Alexis Multispecialty Hospital says, “It is important that we provide access to efficient ways and means of testing and detecting the cancer early, and at the same time making a provision of treatment options. Having successfully implemented these campaigns in our hospitals in UAE over many years, we now invite everyone in our orange city, to learn and spread the word of early detection and prevention among friends
and families though our community events.”

Alexis Multispecialty Hospital takes pride in its recently launched Radiation therapy unit that is equipped with world-class therapy systems. For further information can be had by calling Alexis Multispecialty Hospital at +91 7030921405/17.